Hitron CODA - 4582 - No IP Pass-through Option?

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Hitron CODA - 4582 - No IP Pass-through Option?



I have Hitron CODA - 4582. I have connected an additional Asus router and I want to access NAS over the internet through this new (Asus) router. But it wont allow me because the new router is assigned internal IP and is not visible externally. I am looking for IP pass through option on CODA modem config but I cannot find one.


Note: I want both the router to work parallelly so bridge mode is not an option.


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Re: Hitron CODA - 4582 - No IP Pass-through Option?

That might be a bit of an issue.. without bridge mode.

Have you tried putting the Asus router in the DMZ? would put it outside the firewall.

Problem is, any request coming in would hit the CODA by default.  something looking at your external IP, any port, would still go to the CODA and not know to go to ASUS.
There is port forwarding.. but thats only select things..