Hitron CGN3ACR missing 2.4G & 5G multiple SSID settings

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Re: Hitron CGN3ACR missing 2.4G & 5G multiple SSID settings

@ings wrote:

 Whether or not Easy Connect is supposed to install from, or just run from, the USB stick, it simply doesn't work on El Capitain. I mentioned this to the Rogers tech support person yesterday when I phoned to create a guest SSID, but they didn't seem that interested in pursuing it.


If the Rogers folks here don't chime in, I may call them back and push on this a bit.


Two points:

@1) My understanding is that this Easy Connect thing doesn't really work right... on any OS. @Datalink would know the history better than me, but I thought some versions of it corrupted some modem settings...


2) You're caught in the world of big corporations. I hate to sound like I'm 'defending' this (I'm not, but as I've gotten older and a bit wiser about the politics of big organizations, I've reluctantly come to accept it), but tech support is its own silo, so far away from anybody who can do anything other than dispatch trucks or headend technicians that "pushing them on it" is a complete waste of time. There is simply no way to lobby for anything other than individualized 'repairs' to your account through the public sales/support/etc channels. Even if you convince the CSR on the phone that this is a big huge deal, their ability to get anything on the radar of an executive who has the ability to do anything about it is... zero. If they go and step away from their phone to tell their manager about your tale, their manager's response will be to tell them to get back to their desk and answer more calls. 

I'm an Advisor
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Re: Hitron CGN3ACR missing 2.4G & 5G multiple SSID settings

@Datalink wrote:


That setup stick has been around in its current form for a long time, my guess would be maybe five years or longer.  @Gdkitty or @VivienM might know.  And, I doubt that there has been any changes to it since it was developed or released.  While it might make sense to update the program, I suspect that Rogers has its hands full these days. 

... and I presume the stick is designed around the idea that the machine you run it on is connected via a wired Ethernet connection to the gateway.


That's an assumption that is increasingly out of date in an era where almost none of Apple's laptops have wired Ethernet, many consumer-grade Windows competitors have followed, and some number of potential customers probably only have tablets/smartphones. So I would think the R&D effort would be better spent on an easy set up method more compatible with modern devices...

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Re: Hitron CGN3ACR missing 2.4G & 5G multiple SSID settings

Truthfully.. not sure what/how the guest would be on the CGN3 series.

I have never set it up... (never even once used the key even myself, let alone over the phone).

At least from my experience.. i am not sure if they are always set up the exact same way as a normal one... IE: with WPA, etc.

Last time i had set it up on my RT-N66U, it sets up the guest with NO logins.. 'unsecured' so to speak.  But to do anything.. much like at mcdonalds, etc, you need to go to a web page first.. and then put in a password THERE.

(I know on the guest though.. there were other restrictions.. like resticting time before kicking them off.. sites that can go, etc... not sure if the CGN3 series can do this)

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Re: Hitron CGN3ACR missing 2.4G & 5G multiple SSID settings


I am having the same issue.

I wanted to know if there was any update in being able to setup the secondary SSIDs.

Thank You

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Re: Hitron CGN3ACR missing 2.4G & 5G multiple SSID settings


Hello, @mrkanji


Thank you for joining the Rogers Community Forums and posting your query. At this moment the ability to setup the secondary SSID is still not available and we will update this thread once this feature is made available.


In the meanwhile, if you want to setup a secondary SSID; please send us a private message at @CommunityHelps. Our private messaging system is explained in this blog.



The CommunityHelps Team


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Re: Hitron CGN3ACR missing 2.4G & 5G multiple SSID settings

I have the same problem. After returning from a trip, I realize that I have problem with my modem too ! I can not even reach some other devices connected to the network.

You should have informed the users before making such an important changes. Please resolve the problem for me too