Hitron CGN3 broadcasting hidden network

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Re: Hitron CGN3 broadcasting hidden network

It is actually a network beacon that is running.  I should have made that clear in my previous post.  As I indicated, it cannot be disabled by the user or tech support.  This is an engineering issue which is being looked at. 

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Re: Hitron CGN3 broadcasting hidden network

Gabby71 -- if you go back and read the entire thread, you will see that I posted a spectrum of all the Wi-fi networks in range of my laptop. The MAC addresses of the "ghost" network were almost identical to the legit networks coming from my Hitron modem -- this is almost a 100% positive indication that they are coming from the same chipset, and therefore the beacons are indeed coming from the Hitron modem/router.

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Re: Hitron CGN3 broadcasting hidden network

I was also noticing a hidden network with a very strong signal. I still have it, however I was able to see where it is coming from (at least for me). I downloaded a new WiFi Analyzer app, which seems to provide a lot more info than a similar type app I used before. The new app I use, which I got on Google Play, is called WiFi Analyzer (open source) from VREM Software Development. In addition to telling you the strength of your various signals and optimal channels, it provides details as to where the signal is originating from. For my 2.4GHz and my two 5GHz signals it shows my router as the source. While my Roku is broadcasting a "DIRECT-roku" signal, my hidden network is also showing as originating from my Roku. 


Here is a link to the app on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vrem.wifianalyzer


Hope this helps you.

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Re: Hitron CGN3 broadcasting hidden network

I noticed my modem is broadcasting 3 open networks. I spent the last 2 hours trying to figure out how to turn it off and why it randomly started broadcasting.
The network names are hitron_ap2, hitron_ap3 and hitron_ap3. Thank you for your help