Hitron 4582 - exit bridge mode without factory reset?

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Re: Hitron 4582 - exit bridge mode without factory reset?

@XCPC if I had known that you were trying to SSH into the modem I would have said that you're wasting your time.  If Intel, Hitron and Rogers have done their job, there should not be any SSH access into the modem and the headers on the motherboard should all be inactive.  


Having said that, its always worth testing SSH logins to see if the modem is really locked out from SSH logins. 


Also fwiw, the modem does support two devices when its in Bridge mode.  All of the ports on the modem are active when the modem is in Bridge mode, but, you can only connect two devices to the modem.  Those devices will receive their own IPV4 address and IPV6 prefix.  So, if you were to connect two routers to the modem, each router will run its own independent network.  There is no crossover capability in the modem, so each connected device runs independently from the other.  


If you do connect two devices, the second device might pick up its assigned IPV4 address and IPV6 prefix on its own.  If that device has been previously connected to the modem, that's what I would expect to see.  If the second device doesn't pick up its IPV4 address and IPV6 prefix, leave both devices up and running and reboot/restart the modem.  Pull the power from the modem, wait 10 to 15 seconds and plug it back in.  When the reboot is complete both devices should have their own IPV4 address and IPV6 prefix.


If that still doesn't work, disconnect the first device, leave the second device connected and running and reboot/restart the modem.  That should work.  Check the second device to ensure that it has its IPV4 address and IPV6 prefix.  Then reconnect the first device and reboot/restart the modem.  When that is done, both devices should have their own IPV4 address and IPV6 prefix.


You sholdn't have to do all of that, but, sometimes the CMTS and modem don't want to assign the IPV4 address and IPV6 prefix to the second device right away, so you end up having to connect that device on its own, and then reconnect the first device. 

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Re: Hitron 4582 - exit bridge mode without factory reset?

Sorry i sometimes forget the context, i was not trying to ssh into the modem (yes would be  a waste trying to access the devices as they will lock down their devices as much as possible to prevent questions from time wasting people like me 🙂 and to ensure security by obscurity)


I was sshing into another device on the lan then port forwarding to the modem for remote access to (via a backup internet connection)


Question: if the modem doesn't receive a ip address from the modem via dhcp (ie: connection is down) is there still a way to access Tried manually setting the port to but still doesn't respond.