Help with setting up a gaming server/ Port Fowarding

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Re: Help with setting up a gaming server/ Port Fowarding

Hello @JohnBJr86,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! 😃


Coming from a fellow gamer I totally understand why you would want to have a server setup for Minecraft.


Have you tried the solution that is provided in Post 7 of this thread? If you have and are still experiencing issues keep us posted! Some of our Resident Experts may be able to provide assistance on this matter as well I will be sure to tag them in @Gdkitty@Datalink, and @gp-se.


If there is anyone else on the forums who has experience with this issue feel free to chime in as well!





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Re: Help with setting up a gaming server/ Port Fowarding

@JohnBJr86 wrote:

Hey everyone,


hope someone could help me. I am trying to set up a Minecraft server but I have not had any luck, 


I got everything right but still can connect. is rogers blocking this feature is so I going to cancel all my Rogers services.


Please help if you can. 



We would need a little more info.  Generally, other than a few specific ports, Rogers doesnt block forwarding, etc.

I have 4 different ports for 4 different services, all forwarded, and working fine right now.

If you can provide a little more info, we can possibly help troubleshooting.

A) You are running the server on a PC.  Do you have that PC set as a STATIC address? (not changing).  otherwise each time you restart the PC it might get a new address, then the forwarding wont work.
B) You need to forward ports 19132 & 25565.  Forward these to your IP address of the machine running the server.  Both the same for internal and external port.
C) Make sure that none of it has been blocked on that machine... you may have to allow windows firewall to allow the minecraft server.
D) Connecting to it.  You would need to let other people outside of your house connect via your routers EXTERNAL address.  But for you to connect, you would need to access via that machines INTERNAL address, while your inside your house.

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Re: Help with setting up a gaming server/ Port Fowarding

hello all.


I'm also looking for assistance with forwarding ports for XBOX live. 


My gateway is the Hitron CODA-4582 with an unlimited data plan. 


I tried to follow the instructions on but like with most tutorials, the language is suited to those who are already in the know. 

The next option was to pay up and use their Portfoward network utilities software but figured that there HAS to be someone who can put all of this stuff into layman's terms. 


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Re: Help with setting up a gaming server/ Port Fowarding

@Pottertons, give this a go.  There are a couple of points to keep in mind at this point:


  1. Depending on what you’re playing, perhaps you don’t need IPV4 port forwarding if you’re playing a game that supports IPV6. Having said that, my understanding is that the Xbox uses Teredo for Matchmaking purposes.  I’m not an Xbox user, so, this sounds a little strange, but, apparently it’s true.  I’ll have to enquire as to the latest status on this.  In theory, with IPV6 up and running, you don’t need to do anything with IPV4 port forwarding.


  1. If you are playing an Electronic Arts game, you will have to disable IPV6 in the modem as EA uses their servers for matchmaking. EA does not support IPV6 and their games do not fall back to IPV4 in order to operate properly, so, the users have to do that themselves.  To do that, log into the modem, navigate to the BASIC …. GATEWAY FUNCTION tab, and change the Router Mode to IPV4.  Save the changes.  The modem will switch to IPV4 only mode in the next two to three minutes.   I usually run a modem reboot after the switch:  ADMIN …. DEVICE RESET …. Reboot.


  1. To set port forwarding;


  1. First set up an IP reservation using the BASIC .... LAN SETUP …. DHCP Reservation function. That will bring up a secondary DHCP Reservation panel.  With the Xbox connected and running, you should see that device listed in the client list.  At that point, simply select “Add” to create the IP reservation.  With this reservation set, if you reboot the modem, the Xbox will receive the same IP and the follow-on port forwarding settings will be correct.


  1. With the reservation set to go, save the changes and reboot the modem: ADMIN …. DEVICE RESET …. Reboot


  1. Log back into the modem after the reboot and navigate to BASIC …. GATEWAY FUNCTION: Disable the UPNP function and save the changes.  UPNP should set the Xbox rules automatically for you, but, it can also be used by other programs to set rules that you’re not aware of.  Personally I keep this disabled in any modem or router that I use.


  1. Navigate to BASIC …. PORT FORWARDING. Enable the port forwarding rules.  Select Add Rule to bring up the secondary rule creation page.  For each port number, or port range, create a separate rule such as Xbox 1, Xbox 2, etc, etc.  where each rule has one port number or the port number range specified in the Public and Private Port Ranges.  Add the Xbox IP address that you have set.  Apply the rule and repeat until all of the rules have been entered.  Close the rule creation entry page, Save the changes and reboot the modem:  ADMIN …. DEVICE RESET …. Reboot.


That should do it.  One item to check is whether or not any of the ports change from game to game.  Don’t know as I’m not a gamer.

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Re: Help with setting up a gaming server/ Port Fowarding



This all seems so overwhelming. haha

Thanks for the very thorough info. I'll be sure to give this a go. Hopefully, I can complete this without making any unknown mistakes. 

A couple additional questions...

1) Is it possible to turn this set up off or, revert everything back to how it was before making the changes?

2) Can the settings be backed up so that they can be conveniently applied whenever needed? (I don't game regularly, so 24hr exposure would not be needed)


2) When switching to IPv4, will the rest of my internet service be affected in any way?