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I've been around

Hello Rogers Team,


I am using Rogers Ignite Internet services @ Kingsmere Cresent, Scarborough, M1M3B2.

I am writing today to complain of the poor service I received from your company from April 11- Present.

It's 3 WEEKS now

I don’t care if this happens once in a week, but after it happened 3-4  times every day, I called a customer care representative(after 1 hour waiting but its usual I understand), he informed us there are some maintenance work going on and it will be over that day itself. But unfortunately, I lost 2 days of my work due to this outrage, and he was good enough to waive 25 CAD (5 $ per day )for the loss I had. He advised us to turn off the modem waited 5 minutes and to connect again. We did that, but it was almost 6pm, at that time it was all good.

Again, NEXT DAY problem arose like the same mainly in the normal working hours 8:30 am to 5 pm. Internet goes off for 15- 30 min sometimes even 1 hour which makes difficult to work from home and to login to the software I uses for work, all meeting gets interrupted. I called again, after waiting for hours got connected to a rep and she transferred to the manager. We explained everything to him and asked what we should do? If their service technicians are not good enough then I asked them to hire people who knows how to work. If this happens frequently every day gets spoiled. This Maintenance work that was going around was not notified to any of us. We switched to Rogers for both my home internet and my cell from Freedom after the reps from Rogers continuous calls regarding their best service. Is this the way they do the service. I asked the manager what should we do? Should we change the connection? The reply was hilarious “YOU CAN DO WHAT YOU WANT” Is this the way to behave to a customer?????? I felt like it as a harassment and my complaints falls onto the deaf ears. What he meant from his reply, he want us to DUMP ROGERS . All calls are monitored in Rogers so you can go check how we were treated. SHAME ON YOU. 

I tried connecting through my phone through hotspots which drained all my data. You can also check if all I wrote here are true or not.

I do expect a quick response to this issue.

Advice: If you behave like this to your customers, soon everyone gonna change to better options




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Resident Expert

@finujohn  How long have you been a Rogers Ignite Internet customer?  Also, are you in a two-year contract?  Asking because you have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and if you are under contract, you have that long to cancel before you will be subject to cancellation fees.  These days, Rogers does not seem to be making any exceptions even if your service has been unusable for that entire time.


I plan to stick around

When I moved into my new home, I had issues all the time (and sort of still do but they are not the same). I had random outages during the day and I would simply create a ticket and at the same time, reboot my modem so I can get back to work. 

Over the last year, I have had my modem swapped out approx 5 times and I’ve also had completely new fibre delivered to my home from the pole to ensure that it’s wasn’t related. I’m not sure if Scarborough or even your neighbourhood has fibre, but with every outage, I simply create a new ticket in order for them to be able to investigate and hopefully resolve, but at the same time, I reboot all my devices to ensure that I can get back online as quickly as possible. 

The only downside that happens is that it can clear any errors and bugs which means that they will only see it “working well”. Annoying, but just something that I need to do to keep working away. 

Hopefully they’ll get it resolved for you and like @-G- said, you are still within you 30days and you can make the right decision on which way to go. 

Joel Gallant


@Joel13 it appears from your post that you have Fibre to the Home (FTTH) which means that you probably have a Nokia Optical Network Terminal (ONT).  The modem number can usually be found on the bottom of the ONT.  If thats the case, the ONT should connect to the modem via the modem's port 4, which is the lower right hand port on the back of the modem.  Its denoted with a red/orange stripe on one side of the port.  


Here's a previous post with more information regarding the ONT / modem installation:


There is a chance that you might have Radio Fibre over Glass (RFoG), in which case the Arris ONT connects to the modem via regular RG-6 cable, the same that is used in cable installations to the home.  


Can you post which ONT you have in assuming that its a Nokia ONT, what modem you have and what modem port is it currently connected to the ONT?  


The modem models can be seen here:


Internet Self-Install - Help and Support - Rogers




I plan to stick around


Sorry for the confusion. Yes, when I moved from my older residence, I brought my RFoG over and it was swapped on my first service call last may to the ONT. I could look at buying my own router, but then I have to incur an additional cost above the rental cost that I'm already paying for with Rogers. I understand that I would have more flexibility with DHCP assignment and other controls, but at the same time, I want to have the service that I am being offered! hahaha - the conundrum! 


As for the port, it's connected to the proper port. 

Joel Gallant
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