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FRUSTRATED SELF INSTALLATION - Potential internet lost for 4 business days - PORT Over Catastrophe

I've Been Around

I would like to begin with, I know the individuals answering the phones and chats are just doing their jobs....but I have never received such poor service in regards to being provided internet. I made an assumption that Rogers is a professional company and conducts these changes successfully regularly, and that was not a practical assumption. 


Below is my timeline of my experience, I hope others can review and avoid this if at all possible, do not trust Rogers to be able to coordinate this process for you. 



To begin, I work in the tech industry and therefore opted to conduct the "self installation". Of note is that three months prior, the previous individual in my home was a client of Rogers (I was Bell). Upon purchase of my service on Tuesday May 24th, I was happy to think that I would be increasing my internet speeds, even though the price jumped as well, this seemed worth it. I reviewed the timeline provided (modem would be delivered to home within 2-3 business days of service purchase) in the confirmation emails and understood that I should receive my modem by Friday at the latest, allowing me the weekend to confirm it was working as expected without disrupting the work week for myself and my Wife.


Being a diligent individual, I promptly contacted Rogers the follow afternoon (Wednesday) as I had yet to receive any confirmation of my shipment for my modem. I was first passed around to their "internet" (apparently not ignite), to another department and finally over to the customer service for Ignite, who then confirm that YES I would receive my modem by Friday at the latest (2-3 days from order of service, I have these chat communications saved as suggested by the Rogers chat agent). At this time I was confident that I was provided confirmation that I would be able to activate my service on time this week. As stated earlier I opted for the port over to be conducted by Rogers to alleviate the requirement for myself to coordinate the services, this however was a very impractical decision as I trusted they would be able to accomplish this with little downtime in service. That night Bell also contacted to try and retain myself as a client and confirm the date for port over indicated by Rogers for the Sunday (29th), I again took this as Rogers was confident they would provide me service by that date. 


Still I had yet to see any conformation of my shipment for my modem, again I called into the hotline at this point. 

I was told that the order was being issued for Saturday, and that they could not adjust this at this time. The options provided were to wait and see if I could get it Monday at latest and deal with a day without internet possibly. This seemed ok, not ideal again but OK. I was offered escalation to manager at this time although based on confirmations I was accepting of the potential one day delay.



Contacted Rogers indicating I have yet to see the shipment for modem, and that Bell had confirmed the port over as indicated by Rogers for Sunday night. I was told to ask Bell to stop the port over by Rogers, at which time after discussing with Bell they indicated they could not stop the process as it was too late on their end. I then relayed this information back to Rogers on Sunday and they indicated that I should not contact Bell anymore.



- Called support again as I had yet to see the shipment confirmation and finally escalated to manager. At this time I was told that my order was locked and he had to contact another department to unblock it (this was not expressed in any previous discussion). This issue is determined to be a technical issue between your systems (likely due to incorrect integrations, or some failure). The issue I now have with this is that this internal Rogers failure, and the impact has solely been placed on myself to investigate, review and essentially coordinate solution of. After discussion with the manager, he was able to unblock the order and I received the shipment confirmation an hour or so after our discussion. 


Monday - MODEM Finally shows up 

Upon attempt to install the modem within my home I found that the line coming into the house from ROGERS is NOT ACTIVE at this time. I then contacted support again, and needed to now request a tech to come to my home to fix the issues with the line. 




I do however appreciate the prompt action by the individuals whom I eventually escalated to. I understand they are doing their best to provide service within their current controls. 



When discussing compensation the only information provided is that I would be refunded the days in which Rogers did not provide me the equipment or mechanism to actually connect to the internet service. This makes sense as you did not provide me the mechanism to use the service, although this does not take into account the personal time I have had to spend investigating internal issues and decisions generated by Rogers, resulting in a catastrophe of an implementation. 


In total I have spent numerous hours (upwards of 8+) identifying a technical issue in your software for onboarding new clients and bringing that to your attention that I was impacted by this, and now when I finally get all the equipment late I try to install only to find that the line into the home is in fact not active. 


What is part of the Rogers proactive assessment for the selection of individuals that conduct self installations, do you confirm that there is an active line into the house? Or do you simply assume that if you provided service previously to the home that it is active now? In the event your assumption is wrong ..... is this my issue that I am responsible for at this time? 


Not identified within the timelines provided are multiple occasions where I was routed wrong on chat on multiple occasions based on my clear description of my request. On the telephone line at one point I was routed to the French speaking department when I don't speak French, nor did I request that. 


Needless to say, this has been far from a good experience, I now await a hopeful tech to resolve my issue ... I have been told Thursday from 4-6PM, resulting in four full days of lost work for both myself and my wife. 


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Re: FRUSTRATED SELF INSTALLATION - Potential internet lost for 4 business days - PORT Over Catastrop

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

I think that I have been in this business for far too long because I could get a sense of where this post was going before you posted any details.  When all goes well, things just work... and in my case and for other family members who switched from Bell to Rogers, things did "just work".  However, I was also prepared for the possibility that things could go wrong, for any of the parties involved, including myself.


When I made the switch from Fibe to Ignite TV, there was no self-install option.  I scheduled a total switchover of all of my services (Home Phone, Internet and TV) on installation day.  However, I also made sure that Bell would not terminate my services until the the port-out of my Home Phone was completed.  Once the Ignite Internet and TV got activated, and I could confirm that my Internet service worked, the signal levels were good, that there were no uncorrectable codewords errors on any of my downstream channels and that the link remained stable, only then did I give the tech the Okay to complete the port of my phone number and activation of Ignite Home Phone.  I then called into Bell (and kept a log of all the people that I spoke to) to ensure that my Bell services actually got cancelled immediately so that I would not get over-billed.  (and yes, they did try to bill me for an extra few days of services!)


For other family members, where I performed the self-install, I only activated Ignite TV and Internet and did not try to activate Ignite Home Phone on day-one.  That provided us with a lot of flexibility in case anything went wrong.  Also, instead of cancelling Bell Internet immediately, we left it running for a few days and then suspended the service.  (That way, Bell Internet could still be reactivated (if required) but they would also not get charged.)  They also had the option of either keeping Bell Home Phone or activating Ignite Home Phone at their convenience.


Regardless of how you get your Rogers services installed, you need to plan accordingly so that you are not left with zero connectivity if anything should ever go wrong.  In most cases, porting out Bell Home phone will result in your Bell Internet service (and Fibe TV) getting cancelled as well, so MAKE SURE that the port does not get completed until you KNOW that Ignite Internet is working first.  Also, when porting out Home Phone, BE VERY CAREFUL what you say to Bell (or DO NOT answer the phone at all) when they call because Bell may "accidentally" end up cancelling your telephone service immediately, and this will likely result in you losing your existing phone number AND your Internet connectivity AND your TV service.

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