FEEDBACK - Rogers Rocket Wi-Fi Modem Firmware Trial

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: FEEDBACK - Rogers Rocket Wi-Fi Modem Firmware Trial

When I plug my laptop into the modem I only get around 150 mbps when testing on WiFi I hit around 350 mbps on the gigabit plan. The signal and noise on my line is fine , speeds were the same before upgrading the firmware . Any help would be appreciated.
I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: FEEDBACK - Rogers Rocket Wi-Fi Modem Firmware Trial

@Windwalker wrote:

Hi, I'm on the 500U package with a gigabit modem.


My chromecast is working well.


I noticed something unusual.  I have one computer with an onboard Intel NIC that connects typically at a steady 585mbps down and 21mbps up.  Latency around 8ms.  Connection graph is usually smooth. Computer is five years old.


On three other computers with different NIC, two more Intels and one D-Link, the speeds vary and I get a very spiky connection graph.  I made sure all were running the latest drivers.  Note that these computers are six to seven years old.


All computers connected via ethernet and I have switched cables and ports with no change. Cables are CAT5e and CAT6.


Is there an issue with older computers/drivers communicating with the gigabit modem?


Appreciate any feedback.



So, is anyone else having issues with different ethernet cards?

Having a real issue with a "Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller". Tried different drivers.  The newest one from Realtek slowed it down to 100 mbps!  Bought a TP link card and same issue as it uses the Realtek chip and drivers.

The only ethernet card not giving me grief is an Intel 82579LM.


Also noticed that I have a different IP address now and I am on a different CMTS.  Not related to the etherenet issue, but with other cards, speeds are a bit more erratic. Ping varies more as well.


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Re: FEEDBACK - Rogers Rocket Wi-Fi Modem Firmware Trial

Unfortunately you're not the first one in the forum to see issues with Realtek based cards or motherboard ethernet controllers.  This seems to be an ongoing issue that is usually resolved by replacing the Realtek NIC with something else, sorry to say.  Some people have great success while others have no success.  There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason as to why that happens.


In terms of older pc's, that doesn't surprise me either.  I have a an older Asus  P5Q Pro Turbo motherboard that tops out at just over 500 Mb/s.  I've seen ~940 Mb/s on my P9X79 motherboard which is newer.  So, you have to consider what is behind the ethernet port, ie: processor, memory amount and speed, hard drive, or SSD if applicable, and in some cases the actual architecture of the pc, as in the physical path from the ethernet port, through the I/O controllers and finally up to the processor.  Newer pc's will have faster I/O controllers so I would expect to see some difference in the data rates.  


Food for thought, having reloaded to Windows 10 over the last week, I can see that its dropped the download rates by about 50 to 100 Mb/s which is rather interesting.  I'm still trying to sort that out but haven't come to any conclusions yet.  The P5Q Pro Turbo will be running on a Win 10 Microsoft generic driver instead of an Atheros driver as there isn't a Win 10 Atheros driver available for that motherboard, the P9X79 has the Intel Win 10 ethernet driver loaded, but there is still a noticeable drop from pre to post Windows 10 on both pc's.  So, the driver issue one that deserves some attention as well, but that might be a matter of trial and error until you find one that works better than others.


Rogers and Casa are working on the ping issue, but I haven't seen anything on it recently.  

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Re: FEEDBACK - Rogers Rocket Wi-Fi Modem Firmware Trial

@soundwave80, have you tried a factory reset on the modem to see if it has any effect?  Unfortunately that will require you to reset your modem parameters.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: FEEDBACK - Rogers Rocket Wi-Fi Modem Firmware Trial

Datalink, thanks for the reply.
Appreciate the info. Hopefully things will improve as they work on the issues.
Be interesting to see what results I get once Gigabit service is available in my area.
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Re: FEEDBACK - Rogers Rocket Wi-Fi Modem Firmware Trial

Hello It's been a few weeks since we heard about the Latency issue.

Maybe @RogersDave is on vacation, it's summer after all, but if it's the case I hope you will get back to us.

For most of us you are our only hope to have a decent ping in online gaming with Rogers.


Thanks for your hard work!

I've Been Around
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Re: FEEDBACK - Rogers Rocket Wi-Fi Modem Firmware Trial



I was having the issue with the old router and rogers asked me to replace the router . I have CGN3AMR now and i still have the same problem with chromecast . Do you have a firmware upgrade  for my model as well.





@RogersDave wrote:

This post will be updated with a summary of the feedback reported with this firmware. I’ll be collecting all of the feedback and sharing it with internal teams as appropriate; I’ll do my best to respond to you in this thread but might not be able to reply to every single post.  I may also include other issues identified through our own internal testing. 


Thanks for your help!


Current firmware version being tested:
Trial version history
  • (May 30, 2016)
    • IPv6 enabled by default
    • Security enhancements
    • Fix to preserve LAN connectivity in case of HFC outage or loss of signal
    • Addition of Wi-Fi Survey functionality
    • Improved stability of WPS function
    • Improved Wi-Fi performance
    • Various minor GUI changes and improvements


  • (June 21, 2016)
    • Fix to restore Chromecast functionality
    • Fix to improve stability of Bonjour devices

Known or reported issues
  • Modem may reboot if WiFi is turned off and then back on 
  • Non TCP/UDP/ICMP traffic (such as ESP/IPSec without NAT-T) is slowed down below 25 Mbps
  • No possibility to manually define a DNSv6 override in gateway mode
  • Long passwords (18 characters) cannot be set in the EasyConnect interface
  • Password for WiFi network or cusadmin user cannot contain special characters (such as !@#$%) through the GUI. The GUI reports that password contains an invalid character. It can however be done through the EasyConnect interface
  • DOCSIS Event log may randomly erase itself


Additional notes

  • To manually enable IPv6 in this firmware, it is still required to perform a one-time factory reset from the GUI. This firmware gives us the ability to remotely enable IPv6 through configuration however it won't be done until this firmware is publically released.


Enhancement requests

  • Enable ability for subscribers to turn on/off the SIP ALG function
  • Allow SNMP read-only for network metrics (volume, throughput) for LAN and WAN interfaces from LAN side
  • Provide counters (day, week, month) for uplink and downlink data volume


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Re: FEEDBACK - Rogers Rocket Wi-Fi Modem Firmware Trial


I have just got yesterday Rogers Internet and have got Router CGN3AMR and now I am not able to connect to Chromecast


Called the customer care and they asked me put comments here and I would get a steps to install the  Firmware on the Router which should fix ther problem.


So please kindly Share the steps to fix this.



I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: FEEDBACK - Rogers Rocket Wi-Fi Modem Firmware Trial

Can I get the Trial Firmware for me as well as I am facing the Problems
I've Been Around
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Re: FEEDBACK - Rogers Rocket Wi-Fi Modem Firmware Trial

Follow the instructions on the first post of this thread to get the new Trial Firmware: