Extremely slow internet 1Gbps service less than 200 Mbps over the last 2 years

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Re: Extremely slow internet 1Gbps service less than 200 Mbps over the last 2 years

Hi Datalink:

Thank you for checking back, it’s been a trying time attempting to resolve this issue. However the problem still exists when using Chrome, Edge or Opera.

Today I am using Firefox as my browser as it is the only browser capable of obtaining anywhere near the speed which I should be getting.

In terms of speed, Firefox obtains 585/30 Mbps, Chrome, Edge and Opera all get around 185/30 Mbps, when using Windows 10 OS.

When I boot into Ubuntu, Firefox and surprisingly Chrome get 950/35 Mbps.

On the Windows side of my computer this is what has been done to date:

  1. Bios updated to latest.
  2. Comprehensive scans for both Virus (Norton), Malware (MalwareBytes Premium) and Unhackme regrun.
  3. System File Checker run numerous times.
  4. All Windows bloatware removed via Powershell.
  5. Windows Explorer uninstalled.
  6. All adaptor cards updated to latest drivers.
  7. As far as the Ethernet, and wifi card Advanced settings, all offloads are off.

In the end it seems as though the browsers that use internet explorer for some inherited settings all are incapable of any speed close to what would be expected. Firefox alone doesn’t seem to inherit from windows and settings and is capable of the highest speeds. This may be due to how Firefox uses cloudflare to point to websites:


So in the end, I think the problem is that windows is passing on some form of handshake protocols which directly affect how Chrome, Edge or Opera handle throughput speeds. These settings seem to for the most part be mitigated in Firefox which is capable of speeds 75% faster. All tests being done on the same Ethernet card with no changes between test so the hardware card can be ruled out as being the bottleneck, in my humble opinion.

Equally, Linux tests show that the card itself is capable of the 1Gbit speed easily, and the speed tests within Linux using Firefox or even Chrome are easily over 900 Mbps, so again the Ethernet card and settings seem appropriate.


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Re: Extremely slow internet 1Gbps service less than 200 Mbps over the last 2 years

Installed the new 1Gb modem this past week because of supposed better performance and latest technology.

I would like to know why I’ve seen the following message twice in less than a week and I had NEVER seen it before - MSG: Slow Internet

Any idea anyone?

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Re: Extremely slow internet 1Gbps service less than 200 Mbps over the last 2 years

Welcome to the Community and thank you for your post @C14,


Seeing a slower than expected connection to the internet can come as quite an unwanted interruption to say the least! To assist there's a few additional details we'd need to know. To start, is this with a wired or a wireless connection?


Additionally, may you please connect the Ethernet cable directly from the modem to the computer (not in bridge mode)?

Then, open a web browser and enter the following address to access the gateway login page:

Login using the following credentials:

  • Username: cusadmin
  • Password: password   (Or with your password if it was already set up)

Click Status at the top of the page and the DOCSIS WAN tab.


Copy and paste the results, but please make sure to remove your MAC address.


Looking forward to hearing from you.






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Re: Extremely slow internet 1Gbps service less than 200 Mbps over the last 2 years

Is there a way to pull the drivers Ubuntu is using to see if the versions are the same? I agree, it seems the issues are tied to something Windows 10 and MacOS are doing more so than the adapter. If the other machines (other than the Mac) are windows machines, it is more likely related to the OS being more cumbersome than Ubuntu. The best I have achieved on my Roger's 1G service is 330 Mbps, so I am very interested in your findings.



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Resident Expert
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Re: Extremely slow internet 1Gbps service less than 200 Mbps over the last 2 years

The above last post, was from Dec of last year.. some of the users may not be actively following this thread anymore.

There are many users which, at least say via speed tests (to the appropriate source) have been able to pull the 1g speeds.

But in a REAL WORLD scenario.. the likelyhood of anyone coming even remotely close, especially when say pulling from a single source is very unlikely.  No end server will likely be feeding you the data at that speed.

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Re: Extremely slow internet 1Gbps service less than 200 Mbps over the last 2 years

I have the same issues, I get speeds as high as 300mbps on their 1gig package and as you watch it , it continuously falls until it reads between 170-190mbps. Sometimes at night it goes as low as 65mbps. All of my issues are on the download side.

I have asked the techs who visit my location, to use their own computer with my modem, and then their modem to test outside at the green box, where their service comes to my property. At first they get over 800mbps, then it drops off and the reach no higher than 190mbps. Proof that my lines, my computer, my modem is not the issue, but their lines coming to my property. Now one of those tech's who seems to be stuck in the middle, get's told by his superiors that the test he preformed was not valid as the hard drive on his pc is slowing down and he will not get fast speeds. So basically he's been told to shut up!! Two other tech's who preformed the same test, using their own (Ignite/Rocket) modems, separately of course, with their own computers, their own cad 6 line, and their own coaxial cable, plugged in directly to the green box on my property, and they get the exact same speeds as tech one. No higher than 190mbps. There is an issue, and instead of fixing it, it seems the higher ups would rather silence their tech's for trying to fid out the problem, then to spend any money or brain matter on getting the issues resolved. As you can tell, I have little faith in the powers at rogers, with a small r. Unless the problem affects many customers, the singles and individuals are out of luck. 

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Re: Extremely slow internet 1Gbps service less than 200 Mbps over the last 2 years

Hey @johnineed


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums, and congratulations on your first post with us! 😊 I hope you're staying safe and sound. That is certainly not the type of experience I want you to be having. I know first hand how imperative it is to ensure consistent speeds. 


Did you happen to complete your speed test on speedtest.net with two different Gigabit-capable devices that are wired directly to your modem? If not, if you could kindly do so, that would be much appreciated. 👍 The second device can be connected to your 5G wireless network, also please ensure all other devices are disconnected from the network. The speed tests must be run at the same time though and not in sequence. Once you've received the results, please feel free to share them with us here so we can gain a better understanding of what the next steps should be to assist you with this issue.