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Every few weeks like clockwork my Upload speeds go to high latency

I've been here awhile

Unfortunately, This has been an issue for years. Usually results in me having to call numerous times to tech support and spending hours of my time reexplaining the issue. I am on 1.5gps down and 50gps up service.  

I do online streaming of various business functions so upload speed stability is incredibly important to me. it never fails tho every few weeks to a month or so its as if Rogers decides hey lets go throttle that service's upload speeds and I struggle to maintain 10kbs upload speed which cause quality issues with my business streams. They always claim that's not what's going on and send out a tech.. .the initial tech usually can't "find" an issue then the senior tech comes.. does whatever, most times claims they don't see an issue either and "escalate it"  after which another couple days pass and I magically get a text saying the issue is fixed.  Only to go through the whole issue again a few weeks later. sometimes i get lucky and it lasts a couple months but sure enough it comes back.


Sad part is I am stuck with this lousy service and they know it! Bell doesn't have fibe in our area and they only offer their slow wifi service and Rogers has no plans from what they tell us to run fibre either anytime soon. Worst of all I am in a newer Subdivision. 12yo house in fairly large city(Kitchener) Can't imagine what kind of service the older areas of town with older cable have to deal with.



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Re: Every few weeks like clockwork my Upload speeds go to high latency


Hello, @stinkycheese 


Thank you for posting your concern to the community.


I can understand how frustrating it is dealing with high latency. We definitely want to take a look at this for you.


Please provide us with a ping test and a traceroute when the latency is occurring. You can find the specific steps on how to do this here: click here


We look forward to reviewing your results.



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