Email POP Certificate not valid anymore

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Rogers Employee
Rogers Employee
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Re: Email POP Certificate not valid anymore

@Jables321 wrote:

I have been using Rogers/Outlook combination for over 13 years but since yesterday I have been receiving my emails but have not been able to send emails.


Something has changed.


First I thought it was an issue with Yahoo (I use a email address and not email address). Now with over 30 hours past and having the same problem I think maybe Rogers has changed something. Yes I contacted them and they did go over my outlook setting. Deleted and created a new account and everything in between but no luck so they say contact Yahoo. Whaaat?


Clearly something has changed and not at my end.


Any ideas?

Since creating a new account did not help, try the following in order.

1) run a repair on outlook, then test

2) disable or uninstall your security software, then test, then reinstall security software

3) factory reset your modem, setup wifi and test



Are there any error messages when running outlook?



I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Email POP Certificate not valid anymore

I've been more stable of late, but I tried setting up IMAP on my computer, and it kept asking me for my password a million times.


On my phone and tablet, I already had IMAP setup, but now, emails don't get shown as read whenever I do mark them as read on my computer.  Is this because of the computer using POP3, and the mobile devices using IMAP?

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Resident Expert
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Re: Email POP Certificate not valid anymore

I've Been Around
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Re: Email POP Certificate not valid anymore

Same issue with the SSL popup... but I had guessed and added to my User Name... and so that fixed not getting any email.


However, now it takes minutes to get email.  Currently I'm using Outlook 2016 and have been since it came out... long before January 2017... without issues.


No long waits to get email until this SSL issue started in Januray 2017.


Half the time I get a Send / Receive error.  PC hasn't changed, Outlook settings (apart from haven't changed... so it's Rogers that has changed something.

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Email POP Certificate not valid anymore

I continually get send and receive errors, as well. They aren't consistent. When I look at what happens, sometimes my password is accepted on a send, other times it is not (mutt will then want manual input). On retrieval, pop3 will not work. It might get one or two emails, and never removes them (though I want retrieved emails gone). IMAP retrieval works, but I have always preferred a mass retrieval for my purposes. It is pretty easy to verify absolutely nothing has changed in my configuration. I have used the exact same config file for more than a decade. Maybe mutt now sends extraneous stuff, but it looks like something at the other end is dropping the ball, especially when it won't accept a manually typed password after rejecting one.
I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Email POP Certificate not valid anymore

One of the errors I was getting was:


Error: IMAP wants more steps despite successful SASL authentication.


There were other ones, but usually it involved a failure of authentication.

I know Gmail just recently transitioned to using SASL XOAUTH2 for IMAP authentication, and I wonder if this happened with Yahoo/Roger's, as well?


My SASL implementation needs a plugin in order for XOAUTH2 to work, and probably IMAP at Yahoo's end wasn't dealing with that situation very well. It was trying to authenticate with AUTH2, and sometimes it was succeeding where it shouldn't. (Or it was falling back without telling me in the logs I have.)


I set my authentication to LOGIN for mutt. This (so far) seems to have fixed my POP3 problems (though sometimes my emails are not deleted from the Roger's server, as I want).


If you are still having trouble with send/receive, or other weird issues where it seems at one moment you can't send emails, but at another it is OK, or emails seem to download, but it might stop randomly, and then restart, it could be worthwhile to look at how you login using your particular mail client. If it uses XOAUTH2, you might want to try disabling that.


I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Email POP Certificate not valid anymore

I should make it clear I solved my IMAP issues for send and receive as well!

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Email POP Certificate not valid anymore

After a couple of days, I still have problems.


Basically, POP3 works fine sometimes. Sometimes it will give up halfway or even after only a couple of emails. If it stops before all the emails are downloaded, it will not delete anything on the server side. Once or twice, it did not delete from the server even though all the emails seem to have been downloaded. I think Roger's/Yahoo have deprecated POP3, so I am giving up on that.


I set SMTP to use PLAIN for authentication. Sending via SMTP is now more consistent, but it still fails occasionally and demands a password for me to enter manually. When this happens, I often see bits of my email message in the prompt. I have the exact same setup for gmail and never see this for gmail.


For IMAP, everything is working good. I now use PLAIN as the authentication method. As can be seen below from a log, the authorization mechanisms  that Yahoo uses are PLAIN, LOGIN, XOAUTH2, AND OAUTHBEARER. The XYM things are supposed to be a proprietary Yahoo thing? Something stronger, like XOAUTH2, is usually tried first. If you are having odd troubles, try limiting your mechanisms. My system first tried XOAUTH2, then would fall back to PLAIN after Yahoo's server trying to find authentication mechanisms that I don't have. But I would get extra bits appearing, and logins would often fail. There is something broken about falling back from XOAUTH2, at least on Linux. Or BOTH Google and Yahoo have both messed up their XOAUTH2 configurations for their IMAP servers. I don't know which, but restricting all the authentication mechanisms to PLAIN solves it.


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Opening slave store yahoo-local...
Connection is now encrypted