Does the Yahoo breach affect Rogers customers?

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Re: Does the Yahoo breach affect Rogers customers?

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Re: Does the Yahoo breach affect Rogers customers?

You are correct. The disclosure is what is recent.
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Re: Does the Yahoo breach affect Rogers customers?

From my reading and researching on the Yahoo breach - they had two of them - the most recent one is supposedly possibly impacting over 1 Billion (yes, that is a B as Norton message I got today said).


 It is reported that beyond the hack announced earlier this fall (which actually is a hack that happened in 2013 and Yahoo had not been aware of it). It supposedly impacted about 500 million users -

The new one is related to a trogan that has been left on the Yahoo servers and running since 2013, and fake cookies collecting information.


The most recent one potentially impacts all of Yahoo's services, although Yahoo has indicated that with any paid services that used a credit card or banking payment were not compromised as they don't store the banking/credit information.


But it certainly is a major breach.  Companies like Norton are using it as an opportunity to promote identy protection software and services, and many insurance companies already sell these as add - ons.


More money - I remember when the hack of some health care services in my area, and the hack on Student loans occurred, they paid out a small amount on a small claims settlement, and for those who could prove financial loss due to the compromise, they received more.  And in each of these, they provided a year of identity protection services, as well as free checks of our credit ratings - by the way - Credit Karma is available in Canada now.  I learned that twice in two years about 10 years ago, someone had attempted to get credit through a local appliance company that I never dealt with, so do check your credit report regularly.  You may be surprised what you find, as I was.  And it is a pain to get these cleared, as you have to work through the company that filed the information first.


I have one remaining question though.  In the article, one of the recommendations was close your Yahoo email address totally - is that an option for us as Rogers customers because you tie our user name to the Yahoo account.


I have been working at getting all my contact information off that account, but in many cases, companies, including Rogers don't make it easy to get that yahoo Roger's account out of the user name field - it requires back end work of the database, that many companies I have run into are reluctant to.  In my case, if these were paid services, I just threatened to cancel, but didn't tell them that I would just reopen it again under a new user name and email.  


I have had mine for over 15 years, so it is proving to not be an easy task, as well as to switch my secondary accounts too.



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Re: Does the Yahoo breach affect Rogers customers?

It's time for Rogers to ditch YAHOO.


I want my email connected with a better service such as Outlook or their own service.  This company has so much money it shouldn't be a problem.


Ridiculous that Rogers has done nothing about it!  None of us should have to change our email addresses.  Why should we have to?



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Re: Does the Yahoo breach affect Rogers customers?

Personally, it wouldn't bother me if they dropped the email side of their services totally.  What does it matter if you can have up to 9 accounts for free - you can do that with any major email provider other than Yahoo.


My advise, is for all of us to get off as fast as we can, although not an easy process when you have had the account for years.


I sat down and went through old email and found that I have almost 50 registrations I still need to switch over, or that I have Yahoo with Rogers as my account for dealing with forgotten passwords, so I still have some work to do this over the holidays.  My goal is to have everything off Rogers yahoo by late January.


That is except for those companies that have not established a way of changing up user accounts associated to an email - like Rogers - you can change your contact email on line, but your user account for most people is your email address.

I think there may be a way to change your user name in MYRogers, I have seen it, but not sure how it is done.



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Re: Does the Yahoo breach affect Rogers customers?

I had one  account which I have cancelled after the hack was announced.  Changing or cancelling the @rogers account is not an easy task since i've had this as my main email for so long.  There is no guarantee that switching to a different provider is safer.  A compromise is to retain the account, but change your password more frequently.    I am still not happy that there was no official response from Rogers regarding the Yahoo email hack.  

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Re: Does the Yahoo breach affect Rogers customers?

Yahoo warning users that hackers forged cookies to access accounts

The news comes off the back of Verizon dropping $250 million from its Yahoo purchase price.


Smiley Frustrated




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Re: Does the Yahoo breach affect Rogers customers?

Hi @Triple_Helix


Thank you for posting on the Community Forums and for bringing this to our attention and advising the users in the community.


We will continue to provide updates to this thread, when available.







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Re: Does the Yahoo breach affect Rogers customers?

It is great that members post these updates, but I still say, when does Rogers take responsibility to communicate these things to us.


They contract services from Yahoo for us the customers, so our questions and issues are with Rogers, not Yahoo.


But just one more example of silence by Rogers on customer concerns.



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Re: Does the Yahoo breach affect Rogers customers?

I get Rogers advertisements in email like this:

Rogers Hometown Hockey invites you to celebrate hockey in your community


and of course Rogers send me my bill.

You would expect Rogers to tell you something, but then again it is Rogers.


READ and change your password if you haven't already done so.

   Important security information for Yahoo users



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