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Disable DHCPv4 on Ignite Hub (CGM4140COM)

I've Been Here Awhile

Hi all. Is it possible somehow to disable DHCPv4 on the Ignite Hub (CGM4140COM)? I looked through the settings and I only found the option to disable DHCPv6, but not the DHCP server for IPv4. I have my own device hooked up that acts as a DHCP server and would like to use that instead. Thanks.



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Re: Disable DHCPv4 on Ignite Hub (CGM4140COM)

I Plan to Stick Around

I have the Ignite 500u with the XB6 modem.  How can I disable IP6 and the DHCP on the router?  I would like to add my own hardware to the router and need to have these features disabled.  Thank you.

Re: Disable DHCPv4 on Ignite Hub (CGM4140COM)

Hey @rayray519!


You're certainly free to use your own home network equipment! The modem can be bridged to allow your personal router to control the traffic via LAN/WAN to your home network. You can find the steps for this here! Definitely let us know if you have any further questions.



Re: Disable DHCPv4 on Ignite Hub (CGM4140COM)

I've Been Around

I am surprised to get this confirmed. The DHCP server function can't be disabled!

And the reason I want to disable that is, I cannot set specific DNS servers for DHCP clients.


For these above 2 reasons, maybe I have to set it to bridge mode.

However, is it possible to keep the Wifi function? Make it work as an AP?



Re: Disable DHCPv4 on Ignite Hub (CGM4140COM)

@afasfsdfsafsa  If you enable Bridge Mode on the Ignite gateway you will no longer be able to use it for Wi-Fi connectivity.