Degradation in upload speed

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I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Degradation in upload speed

I solved it. Gigabit Fibe Internet being installed today. 


By the way I have had private messages with other people in my area that have the exact same issue. Yet Rogers thinks its acceptable to keep putting us through the ringer with their tech support loop. Hours on the phone followed up by hours accommodating a technician to come over and tell us the same thing.


Grotesque lack of respect for their customers. 

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Degradation in upload speed

I messaged stueynet, and it turns out we live around the same area, and happen to have the exact same issues.


I've spent hours on the phone, had exactly 4 different technicians come in (two of which re-visited multiple times), and even had my coax house line replaced (because they were sure it was me).


After submitting a CCTS complaint, the compensation was 2 months credit (as the case manager said that the issue would surely be resolved by the end of December). They then tried to mark the complaint as resolved. I asked the CCTS if this counts as a resolution, and they told me that if a reasonable amount of time has been given to resolve the problem, and the service problem is still present, the complaint cannot be considered resolved.


The senior technician that I am contacting through mobile phone has visited my house, seen the issue while using his own equipment (he tested 3 different modems for some reason). He left to check the node with his maintenance colleague, and found absolutely nothing.


After following up, this was what I was told: "whenever it happens again, the only way to test is for maintenance to be onsite"


So basically, there is no way this issue is going to be resolved. It has been MONTHS since the issue was first reported (by multiple users in the area), and they don't have A SINGLE CLUE as to what's causing the service issue. Take in the sheer level of incompetency this company has shown.


I gave Rogers every opportunity to make things right, and it seems they just don't care and hope I will forget about it.


The CCTS representative told me that, whether I decide to go with another provider or not, I still have every right to pursue an escalation on the CCTS case. So I proceeded to escalate the CCTS complaint. I will keep pursuing this case, not necessarily for me, but for others getting shafted as well, at the expense of Rogers.


As stueynet mentioned, the blatant disregard for customer service is absolutely ridiculous.



I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Degradation in upload speed

EDIT: The senior technician did see the issue at the tap when testing, but the maintenance team could not catch it in time
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Re: Degradation in upload speed

Hello @dtx1!


It sounds like you've gone through the ringer and back again to get this issue resolved. I would like to take a look into the history of this issue and see what can be done about putting in a permanent solution for you.


Please PM us @CommunityHelps so that I can further investigate on your behalf. If you're not familiar with our PMing process, you can find instructions here.