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Data Overage Error - Why did it occur & How to quickly Fix it?

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My usage states 30,000 MB / 295 GB, It appears Rogers have recreated their own measuring stick of 100 MB = 1GB instead of 1,000MB = 1GB. Morons, like Rogers make these horrific errors. Ask Rogers to check your usage in MB and in GB. You may find Rogers just moves a decimal point. 



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Re: Data Overage Error - Why did it occur & How to quickly Fix it?

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Resident Expert

I have found the "Share a concern" link below to also be a good one when things appear to be going slowly or not corrected to your satisfaction:


You could probably include a link to this thread (starting at the beginning) and well as a précis of your particular problem, especially if you have a billing problem.

Re: Data Overage Error - Why did it occur & How to quickly Fix it?

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@57 Thanks. 

Basically Share a Concern says to contact the Management Office by Live Chat for fast response. (image below)

So I did do that this morning. I spent 45 minutes (7:08 to 7:53 am) of my time with Live Chat trying to explain the issue but they insisted their system was saying I used 37GB and I was 12GB over.  I had to TELL THEM to escalate it to the Management Office because their calculations were incorrect.  I think it finally twigged when I told them that the system also indicated my Usage Allowance was 250 GB (25600 MB).  So now I have an incident number.  We'll see what they do next.


I think I have tried to communicate this issue all week, but no one seems to listen.  One-way communication is definitely a problem (Re your: IPG Inconsistencies), but also having the least knowledgeable people interfacing with the customer is an issue too. There seems to be either a lack of training or a lack of experience in knowing what is important and what isn't.  If the customer is a priority, then they need to invest in these Help Desk people.  Getting your complaint to the right unit could also be improved as I always seem to be sent to someone else.  

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Re: Data Overage Error - Why did it occur & How to quickly Fix it?

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@User14 : I'm not sure if that chat gets you to the same people that would address the "Additional Contact Options" selection, which I have used. Granted, the latter doesn't get you an instant response, but I have found that the people who call back in a day or two are usually up-to-speed and often useful.

Re: Data Overage Error - Why did it occur & How to quickly Fix it?

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An update on my three interactions today.


The first thing I learned through 2 phone calls, is that what is creating a dramatic inability for the reps to comprehend what we are talking about (as acknowledged by the 2nd and 3rd call - I just did the billing level).


The problem is the firm believe that since the change back three years ago, that the CSR's see the exact same view of my account that we do.


The first person could not comprehend what I was talking about at all - the person was stuck with all they had to look at was the first usage page with the pie chart and the line graph of usage, remaining, overages, etc.  I started by trying to confirm what page he was looking at.  He kept just repeating the data to me, while in mind I am talking about the day to day table.  Even though I had mentioned the day to day table, we couldn't get past my questions, of "do you see a pie chart with the percentages and data usage and data cap and the line graph of usage per day?"


Unfortunately, he acknowledged that he did not know what a pie chart or line graph was and as I tried to explain what they were by describing them, we both got frustrated and in my frustration, I casually said, "I am having difficulty explaining what I mean to you, because we see pie charts and line graphs all the time in daily life and as a teacher I taught these concepts in grade 5". My bad, I guess he took it the wrong way, and the line went click at the end of that statement.  Could be coincident, but definitely we were going nowhere.


A second call not because of this, but my phone had coincidently just received a text informing me that I had been enrolled in Roam like home and I called to get that unenrolled again as I don't need it. 


So the second person noticed in the notes that I had called in about the discrepency in what I was viewing on my screen and that it had been advised that it was most likely a browser issue.  He had mentioned that and I had said, not at all, had tried 6 browsers and others were reporting it on the community forums as well and that I had also reviewed the code and identified that it most likely came from old HTML code that someone must have made a change to recently.


So in the second call, I happened to get a CSR in billing who had a very strong background in coding.  He uses MyRogers personally in his day to day life just to check his bills and had never been to the full usage pages.


So he quickly confirmed with me the first page, and even looked at the code views and confirmed HTML5 in place.

He then tried to click the links to the four table views of day to day, current use, month to month and warnings, and low and behold, he found that the links did not even function.


He went to the code and noted that the code associated to those links did not run the scripts to produce the pages.


So he acknowledged my total frustration and that he agreed with me that this issue would create nothing but confusion for both the CSR and staff as they are assured they see what we see, and that in general, his experience was that he wasn't aware of many people who go deeper on those links, and as he understood web page coding, middleware and databases and that a change like I was seeing along with the rest of us here could only be because someone was working on changes and took it back to live without confirming the accuracy of the views.


He was also very surprised to hear that the pages he couldn't see were in HTML4 and that the original creation dates were 2007 and the last revision date recorded was 2014, which is consistent with the period when the work on the new MyRogers would have begun.


For the frustration and confusion, I got some small compensation, which was nice, I never mentioned it all, he just did it.


I forgot to mention the Roam like home issue and called back a third person and she read the notes and said she could understand my confusion and we fixed the unknown enrollment of roam like home - I said, there are ghosts in the machine, with a jocking tone and got a good laugh.


So, basically, the CSR's are completely unaware of this, and if we try to interact with them on what we are seeing, I only tried this with the one rep, it appears that they will not see what we see.  Kind of supports the idea that people are working on those legacy pages, that I guess they are disabled for the CSR and other Roger's staff on their system login screens but ours are still active with that error.


So my suggestion to all three of the people was please communicate this issue to your supervisors or teams and communicate that this is happening and suggest that the programmers either add a note to the effect of the error, or a pop up mentioning it, or disable it for now until it gets fixed.


I did say, that it is best that the day to day view remains because as we know from this discussion, some of us use day to day data extensively to monitor and manage our data and the second person who understood coding was very much in agreement of my view on that one.


I also made it clear that in my view, Rogers needs to become more proactive about investigating these issues as they get reported and not just treat it as "nothing to worry about".  That is for us to determine whether it is nothing to worry about and each of us deals with frustration at varying levels, so in my view and the that of the two people I spoke to was that it would be easier on the customer and them too if there was more communication and acknowledgement of awareness of the problem and that it is being worked with and to be able to understand and explain that it is a calculation error on those pages.


But for now, in my conversations, what I can say is that at least one CSR can't access those screens, so if that is true for others, it will be very challenging for any staff to understand fully what we are dealing with, that it was stated that there is a lack of awareness of how we the users may use the screens available to us.


I am also confident in the contacts I had that the data is correct for billing and usage purposes, that the error is a summary data field with an incorrect multiplication constant on the GB totals on the old screens, but the day to day is correct in that the rows are in MB, but the summary total and any notices of overages and costs that are calculated are in error due to the calculation error in the total to date.  I also phoned the call centre and got the automated report of my usage and it presented correctly, so further assurance that the underlying data is correct it is just those three pages of summary totals of GB used.  The pie chart and line chart on the opening HTML5 page is correct too.


What I hope is that we will see a quick response to communicate this issue to all staff who face the customer and talk about the view of usage on the MyRogers pages, and a message of some form to all customers on MyRogers of this error and what it means.


Since this has now been communicated by a number of us, through various channels, this is and opportunity for Rogers to respond proactively and communicate effectively, even if it is felt that it impacts only a few customers, the error has been made, so acknowledge it and allow us all to understand what it means to us and give some indicator of when it will be dealt with, but at a minimum, make sure that we know.


I am hoping to be surprised with how fast this communication or repair takes.



Re: Data Overage Error - Why did it occur & How to quickly Fix it?

I'm a Senior Advisor

Oh, one small addition to my note above - I mentioned that on the tables on the older pages that it shows my Internet limit as unlimited, whereas the front page shows it as 500GB as it should be.


But we couldn't talk too much about that except to confirm that yes, as it shows on the pie chart version, my cap is 500GB, and not unlimited, but as he said, wouldn't that be nice.


Fortunately, I don't have to worry because I am on the SamKnows whitebox monitoring program, where I don't get charged for overages due to the fact that they can't differentiate my use from the whitebox use which runs about 7 GB per day, or in my summary on the tables, that would be 70GB per day Smiley Happy


Hopefully this goes away - minor annoyance, now my curiosity is just how long it goes and whether any formal announcement anywhere will be made. I can at least hope, but for now, I move on.  Analysis and recommendations have been made, appears to not impact us directly, just makes those who do use the day to day totals view everyday go through a brief sticker shock experience.  If it does show up on a future bill as an overage, my overages get reversed, but I pay them and then the next month they get reversed, so I would definitely be calling in because the figure could be quite high at 2100GB in a month, although I am very confident, it is just a calculation error present only on the customer view of these pages.


As I said, I have high expectations, but then again, we pay a lot of money for these services, and there is competitions, so why shouldn't we have high expectations and hold Roger's feet to the ground on them.  Only fair.


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