Daily Cap on Data Usage?

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Daily Cap on Data Usage?

Hi,this is a question asking if there is any way to put a Daily cap on you internet,like I set it to,lets say 1.500 MB a day,rather then keep going up and up..And being able to set it would help me not go over my limit.





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Social Media Specialist
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Re: Daily Cap on Data Usage?

Hello oody7,


There are no network settings that would allow you to set daily usage allowances.  You might be able to find 3rd party applications that offer this however it is not available through Rogers directly.





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Re: Daily Cap on Data Usage?

Hi oody,  Rogers tools aren't very helpful in this regard.  I do something similar to what you are alluding to but I use a 3rd party app to help.


I pick a reasonable pooled amount (2.5GB per phone, 10GB total) and just refuse to go over it. If any phone gets out of line I shut off the phone's data and once it catches up to its daily allocation I switch the data back on. If I care to I can try to get to the cause but people with degrees more expensive than mine have trouble with that. My family figured out pretty quickly how to manage their own data and if they are shut down, its only for a day or two while their allocation gets caught up.


Good luck!