DNS Problems

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DNS Problems

Hey everyone... 


Rogers internet won't work at home on my laptop; it suddenly disconnected about a week ago (if it helps, it disconnected at the same time as my Wii U. Resetting the modem got my Wii U back online but didn't do anything for laptop). My laptop easily connects and works with all other Wifi networks; relatives' home networks, Starbucks, etc. with great speed.


After much investigation, finally figured out that it was a DNS issue. I can get my internet to work very slowly by using Google DNS or OpenDNS for Internet Protocol Version 4; even then, Wifi disconnects randomly. Then it tries to connect and gets stuck on "Identifying...(Wifi name), No Internet access."


Some websites suggest changing something on the modem's built-in router, but I have no idea how to do that. Please assist... Also, I'm not that great when it comes to technical terms, so please explain what to do in laymen's terms. Thanks for any help you can provide...




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Re: DNS Problems

Hello @NBalan


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Forums Smiley Wink!


If you can provide us with a few more details in order to better assist you.


What router are you using ?



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Re: DNS Problems

I dont know.. something sounds REALLY odd here..

If you do not have any settings set in the network device itself.. it should get its DNS server from whatever the router is supplying.
Which SHOULD be the same as all the others in the house.. and then they should be having the same issues.

My guess.. would be that its something more on the the DEVICE side.. that its not connecting with the router properly.. weither from failure or something else 😞


More info on the Router itself (using rogers or a 3rd party one, and then which one), which model laptop, etc.



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Re: DNS Problems

Update... Got a friend to take a look at it; the channel had suddenly changed on the laptop when the internet stopped working. I don't know what happened, but everything's working properly now. Just hoping this will never happen again. Thanks for your help!

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Re: DNS Problems


Hello, @NBalan


Awesome! thank you for the update, I'm glad your laptop is connecting to WiFi now. Smiley Happy


Would you please elaborate about the channel that got changed on your laptop?


And also if you can share the solution, it will definitely help other members of the Community when encountered with a similar problem, thank you.