Cloud storage - what's your solution ?

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Cloud storage - what's your solution ?

I currently have a 1TB drive connected to the ASUS RT-AC68U router  as my AiCloud drive.  However, I am concerned about the security of having a drive that might provide an access to hacking my router and hence my home network.  I am thinking of two alternative solutions - 1) subcribe to an external server like Apple's iCloud, or 2)  configure my NAT as a personal Cloud.  I have a Synology NAT that could be configured to run a Cloud service.    Only the external solution using Apple's iCloud does not have an impact on the security of my router/home network.  Before making a decision, I wanted to explore what you guys are using for a cloud, and perhaps get some ideas on the security impacts of using the ASUS router - either with a connected USB or the AiCoud.



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Re: Cloud storage - what's your solution ?

Hello @malam ,


Thank you for your post. I personally use Google drive; suit my needs, accessible from all my devices. There are many in our Community who uses Asus routers with AiCloud can provide insight. @Community please chime in with inputs, ideas on Cloud services.Smiley Happy




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Re: Cloud storage - what's your solution ?

There are different views on this.

With running it all personally, YOU are in control.  You store the data, etc.  No one else potentially had their hands on/in it.

There are potential downsides though as well.
- Access/security.. yes to enable it, it often needs to have different forms of ports open, etc, which yes potentally can be a security risk possibly.

- Location.  Sure its good having a backup, and available when your outside your house.  But its still in your house.  If there is say a fire.. your PC and your backup is there.. both/all is gone.


there are advantages to cloud services.. as they are not internal.. nothing left to be open.
SOME people have concerns of security.. that if your data is on there.. is google/microsoft/etc LOOKING at the data.

Most cloud based services, usually offer between 5-30gb for free of storage.

So it will really depend on HOW MUCH you plan to store.. you might have to look at PAID services.

Myself, i am looking towards Office 365/onedrive.  1tb of onedrive, by itself, is like $60/year.  But with office 365 home, for $99 a year, gives you full office pro, for up to 5 machines (via 5 different MS accounts), as well as EACH of those 5 accounts get 1tb of storage as well.


The only thing to take into consideration completely (weither you run it at home, or via cloud) is your internet usage.
Every time you acess it, upload/download, you will be using up internet usage.  Make sure you are on an appropiate plan.

Rogers Employee kr6
Rogers Employee
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Re: Cloud storage - what's your solution ?

If you are going to puch holes in your ASUS NAT to allow remote access to your Synology or AiCloud devices, then ensure you have a very, very good firewall. There have been many reports of Synology devices succumbing to remote exploits and were being used to mine bitcoins.

I use Owncloud, which sits behing a pfSense firewall with intrusion tools such as Snort, fail2ban, etc. I find the popular cloud storage (box, dropbox, one drive, google, etc) very limited in both space and features. But their convenience and ease makes them very attractive. I have been looking at Blackblaze for remote backup, but still do not see the need for their service as this time. For remote backup, I leech off a few friends and relatives. I create encrypted packages which I sync to multiple remote locations using Owncloud Sync or rsync.
I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Cloud storage - what's your solution ?

Thanks for all the comments.  In summary, I think what you are all saying is that there is no "perfect" solution.  The options available have different advantages and security costs to them.  I am now working on a hybrid solution to try out.  I have registered for Google Drive and already have Apples iCloud.  Between these two, I will have 20G of free storage.  I intend to use them for data that I do need access to, but not on a daily or regurlar bases.  I have also setup the Synology Cloud to create an internal cloud that is accessed only within my home network.  I want to leave my router setup intact - with no "holes" , as kr6 puts it.  I do love the ease of  having access anywhere, through the router to my data, but think the cost, in terms of security, is too high.  I don't know enough about firewalls to put up a defence mechanism that would be required.  


My main storage/backup is on the Synology NAT.  I do a regular backup of all my data using the Raid (mirroring), on the NAT.  A separate copy of the most critical data is kept on an external drive that I keep in a fire protected safebox in the house.  


On a more humorous note - as I was typing this message,  I was thinking about the storage problems with my first computer in 1989.  I had a heavy duty 35MB Seagate Hardrive (weighs a ton!), and a couple of 5.25 disks ! The firewall is the desk drawer that I keep the disks - no hacker can get to them- most of them wern't even born then.  


Well how things have changed 🙂 - I am not sure its for better either.

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