Cisco Dpc3825 username and password

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Cisco Dpc3825 username and password

HI is there a username and passwrd for this router called rogers said there is noe as a consumer i dont need it as its hack proof just need to change my wifi usernam and pwd if i see unusual usage please advice



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Re: Cisco Dpc3825 username and password

Uh.. i think the rep gave you bad info.. or they might not have understood you.

By DEFAULT, to log into the router, the login is

password is


After loging in with this, in the setup pages there, you CAN change the password for this (you cant change the user name though).


As well, when in there, you can change your WIFI information, settings, as well as wifi password in there.

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Re: Cisco Dpc3825 username and password

Thanks for clarifying the user name confusion, in the past, with Rogers, I had my own user name, but while trying to connect a GPS to my computer I somehow could no longer logon to the internet and used the "" to reset my router, not knowing that this would also reset my "username and password" and I did not know the default "cusadmin and password" were no needed, I called Rogers and received help from a very calm and pleasant technician, who asked for my old username and password saying he would reset it, he also told me the default, "cusadmin and password" if I needed them in the future, I left him quite happy that all was working properly.  After leaving him I went back to the "" and tried to login, my old username and password did not work so I tried the "cusadmin and my new password" which worked, I tried to change my user name to what I had been using before this problem started but never could find how to do it, although I did see mention with in the setup program the old user name, later searching Rogers modem setup I see that you can not change the username, my question is how did I get the username changed the first time I set it us three years age.   


Thank you

God bless


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Re: Cisco Dpc3825 username and password

When I first signed up with Rogers, I used to sign into the modem/router setup page with a user name I setup myself, after the reset I did to try and correct logon issues the user name and password were set to the default, I managed to change the password to one I want, but as you say could not change the user name, why has this ability been removed?