Cisco DPC3825 Parental Controls

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Cisco DPC3825 Parental Controls

I had the same concern as well.  I was using the DPC3825 gateway modem.   I was hoping that I can configure the Parental Controls and set the date/time when Internet is allowed.   However,  I cannot find these features in my DPC3825 gateway modem. 


I called Rogers tech support and they sent me the manual for this gateway modem.   In the manual,  it indicates that there are such a features.  However,  in the actual product itself,  these features no where can be found.


I called Rogers the second time after reviewing the manual.  They provided the suggestion similar to what everyone had talked about in this forum.  Change it to "bridge" mode and buy my own router,  or switch it to the Hitron CGN2 gateway modem.  


I decided to switch it to CGN2-ROG modem and it does have the features that I was looking for.   So far I have no issue with it, except the size of this modem is slightly bigger than the DPC3825 model.


I am wondering if anyone out there found the Parental Controls and date/time Internet access control features in the DPC3825 gateway modem so far.  I am just worry if I have missed any firmware upgrade for the DPC3825 device which I was not aware.


Also, I did find that DPC3825 drops Internet connect once in a while.   I have yet to find out if Hitron can perform better.


I have love and hate feeling between the 2 models.


I like the size of the DPC3825 but hate the missing features.

I hate the size of the Hitron CGN2 model but like the Parental features.


I guess I cannot ask for EVERYTHING..... Smiley Happy



Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Cisco DPC3825 Parental Controls

I wonder if the parental controls are found on the USB setup flash drive.  I don't know if the drive application is the same for both the 3825 and the CGN3 but the drive for the CGN3 has parental controls.  The CGN3 has device management built in, but I don't know if it equates to the same management capability as found on the USB setup drive.  Having said that, I would recommend throwing out the drive and never using it, same recommendation as the tech support individual I was speaking to after I experimented with the drive application.  Following said experiment, I ended up returning the CGN3 as it partly bricked the CGN3.  So, good idea, no cigar. 


Yep, best bet is to bite the bullet and buy your own router, which will give you much better control capability over the features you are looking for.  The additional security benefit is that you can probably run your entire home network behind that router, completely isolating it from the Rogers equipment, and you will have much better wifi performance as well.

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Re: Cisco DPC3825 Parental Controls

On the cisco, the parental controls.. while the modem DOES have them as an option.. that option has to be be turned on, for the users to see/access in by rogers.  Unfortunately they arent on that unit for some reason 😞

I've Been Around
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Re: Cisco DPC3825 Parental Controls

How do I reset the Parental Control on Cisco DPC3825 which is not on Rogers site?