Change security from WPA2 to WEP on CGN3ROG router

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Change security from WPA2 to WEP on CGN3ROG router

Hi, I need to change my router's security to WEP for it to work with an older software that doesn't support WPA2. How would I change this setting? Any answer would help.



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Re: Change security from WPA2 to WEP on CGN3ROG router

@Gooseling, log into the modem using (Gateway mode) or (Gateway or Bridge mode) to access the log in page.  Navigate to WIRELESS .... BASIC SETTINGS .... 2.4 or 5 Ghz tab to change the Security Mode to WEP.  Save the changes when that is complete.  Its been a very long time since I've looked at this, so, I'm assuming that WEP still remains as a user selection.  When you're done using WEP, change that back to WPA2-PSK as soon as possible as WEP is no longer secure.  


If you navigate to the Access Control tab you can run the Connected Devices function to see what devices are connected to the modem.  By using that, you can look for any unexpected devices that have been used to hack into your wifi network.  Look for duplicate MAC addresses or MAC addresses that don't match what you know are devices that are located in your home.