Can't load Netflix! "DNS address could not be found"

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Can't load Netflix! "DNS address could not be found"

I'm all of a sudden unable to load Netflix!


I get the following error message: "This site can't be reached.'s server DNS address could not be found."


I'm on Windows 7 and the Internet Connections troubleshooting tells me "Contact your network administrator or Internet Service Provider. The DNS server may be experiencing problems."


I've tried restarting my modem, checked the settings on my browser (Chrome), turned off Unblock-Us, etc. but nothing has changed.


Has this happened to anyone else?


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Re: Can't load Netflix! "DNS address could not be found"

That is an odd one.

Your using the default ROGERS DNS server??
Your not using a 3rd party DNS server to access USA netflix?

(reason i ask.. is that netflix is starting to BLOCK DNS based services used to bypass the geo-locking)


Are you able to go into a command prompt (start > run > type in cmd)



then type