Can I move my Rogers CGN3 to a different location??

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Can I move my Rogers CGN3 to a different location??


I have build myself a rack Home Theatre system and want to move my CGN3, which has my NAS attached to the rack, which is in my home theatre room.  The cable socket is live as it has my TV cable connected to it.  


Is it viable to move the Router and how do I connect the TV cable to it also?


Can I do thjis myself (I am technically capable of it) or do I have to pay Rogers for them to send their 'expert' out?






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Re: Can I move my Rogers CGN3 to a different location??

There are a couple of things to look at here.

I am assuming your CGN3 right now, is by the elec pannel or similar?  HOPEFULLY when it was set up, that the signal level for it, is OK there.


Moving it to another location in the house.. MIGHT have a good signal, but might not as well.. its hard to say, moving it, if the signal is bad there.. could cause problems.  (this you would have to call rogers out for, but should be a free call.. unless you have put your own splitters, etc in).


BUT.. ends up comming down to this as well... from the sounds of it, only ONE cable output there?
While TECHNICALLY could just put a splitter there and split to the CNG3 and the TV... there is no guarantee that the signal level is OK or not, especially after the split.
(anything like the whole home MOCA filters, could cause issues then as well)


Your BEST scenario.. is you would want to have a new cable line run to that location as well.
Does rogers have to do this? NO.. they wont do anything inside walls, etc anyways.  That part is always up to the customer.. but in the end, they can not guarantee signal either once its inside the walls.
You would likely want to get the BEST RG6 coax cable you could find to do the run.. connecting it to the spot where the CNG3 is connected now on the one end, and the CNG3 now on the other end of it (So essentially the same setup, just a longer cable to its end point)

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Re: Can I move my Rogers CGN3 to a different location??

Technically there is no reason why you couldn't move the modem but you may need a 1x2 splitter if you want to feed both your cable box and cable modem from it.  Make sure that you get a high quality bi-directional splitter.


But you might want to consider what is the best case for your networking equipment long term which may depend on whether you are staying in your house for a long time.  If you have rack Home Theatre system it sounds like you are not doing this on the cheap.


IMHO the best place for your networking stuff is in an out of the way place - likely in the basement where your cable/phone comes into your house, perhaps by your electrical panel.  That assumes that you don't have ethernet wiring in your house currently that is terminated somewhere else.  I would recommend running ethernet from such a place in your basement to your HT room and any other places in your house where you may want to have computers or TVs.  Then put your CGN3 cable modem, router (run your CGN3 in bridge mode) and network switch in this spot.  Then put other WAP(s) in central locations in the house that will give the best WiFi coverage.

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Re: Can I move my Rogers CGN3 to a different location??

Thats a good recomendation.

If you want network connectivity, etc there.. you might be just as good to run a ethernet connection to that location, and put in a smaller switch there if there are multiple devices connecting.

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Re: Can I move my Rogers CGN3 to a different location??

Sorry to hijack but I need to do this as the co-owner of the home has unbeknown to me moved someone into our basement where all my modem and phone modem and cable are and I need tomove it to my room to avoid them being able to unplug and leave me with no internet.  I pay the bills. Not a nice situation but until it is resolved legally I need to live my life. I have an old box not the new pvr all are connected with the double connector so if I can manage to loosen this can I just reconnect to my cable in my room??

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Re: Can I move my Rogers CGN3 to a different location??

Ok, you would need a cable connection in your room, coming up from the basement where the current cable connections are located. If you have a cable to your room, this should be straightforward.

If for example you have your equipment connected to a two port splitter such as this;


you can disconnect the splitter from its input cable, and assuming that you have a single cable running up to your room, connect that input cable to the cable that runs to your room by using an F-81 connector that looks like this:


This is a high frequency connector that will cover the entire frequency range used by Rogers devices. They are not all the same so you need to be careful what you buy. Typically the blue dielectric material should indicate a high frequency connector. The packaging should also indicate that it covers from 0 Mhz up to 2 or 3 Ghz. The connector must cover from 0 to 1 Ghz in order for it to provide the necessary frequency range for the Rogers devices.


With the connector in place, you now have a single cable running to your room. For the installation in the room you will need a section of RG-6 cabling to run from the wallplate to the splitter (the tech would normally install this). With that in place, and everything else connected and powered up, you should be good to go.


Note, if you have any problems in the future and need to call in a tech, you will have to return everything to its original location or face a possible charge for the visit due to the fact that the equipment was moved out of its original configuration.


You could call tech support to determine if there is any charge for in house moves, and make your decision based on that call.