CODA4582 - MyQ Internet Gateway Ethernet Connection

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Re: CODA4582 - MyQ Internet Gateway Ethernet Connection

Hello, @jgu925.


Thank you for posting your concerns in this thread; change of contract has no bearing on the modem's functionality. Are the other devices connecting to the Internet?


I appreciate trying all the ports and hard resetting the gateway. By hard reset, do you mean factory reset? 


Is MyQ directly connected to the modem? Or is it connected to a different router?


Keep the Community posted. 



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Re: CODA4582 - MyQ Internet Gateway Ethernet Connection

hi @RogersMoin ,

Thanks for your quick response.

I dont think the modem's functionality has changed. I feel it has something to do with the settings on Rogers' server, maybe something like the IP setup like OP mentioned.

Yes I did a factory reset to the MyQ gateway. It is directly connected to the modem. 


Everything was working fine before June 21, 2020; and the myq gateway stopped working starting that day, showing no internet connection. The only changes on the day is the renewal of my Rogers contract.

When my contract got renewed, did Rogers have to terminate my existing connection and set it up again as a brand new connection? If that's the case, any chances that the new set-up is different from the previous one?


Thanks again for the assistance.

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Re: CODA4582 - MyQ Internet Gateway Ethernet Connection

Hello again @jgu925!


We can only provide limited troubleshooting support for a third-party gateway such as this. 


If you remove the MyQ, can your computers/devices connect to the modem directly and get access to the Internet?


If so, I would recommend the manufacturer of the MyQ for further support for the MyQ. The steps provided above is as far as we can go with third-party equipment.




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Re: CODA4582 - MyQ Internet Gateway Ethernet Connection

After switching to Ignite my previously working MyQ devices have stopped working through the MyQ app. Had to remove and redo all the set up to get them to work in HomeKit again - doors open and close with HomeKit so there is something very specific with the MyQ app and Ignite modem that is the problem.
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Re: CODA4582 - MyQ Internet Gateway Ethernet Connection

We had similiar issue after acquiring a "new" Chamberlain MyQ Gateway CIGBU/C from Craigslist and it was new and never opened.  After spending countless hours searching and reading, we contacted Chamberlain support.  They were friendly and courteous.... except they pulled support for certain gateways CIGBU/C (10/14) because they decommisioned a server on their end.


So if you have a Chamberlain MyQ Gateway CIGBU/C, it will not work because they pulled support for it and it may affect other gateways if they decide to decommision service without stating it on their website.