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CODA Modem Performance in Bridge Mode

I've Been Around

Hi All Roger's just upgraded my plan from the 150 to 500, thus, requiring new modem. I've always run the CGN3 in bridge and haven't had many issues, but with all the threads about the CODA I'm just wondering how other peoples experiences have been in bridge mode. Is it still worth it? Thanks in advance.


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Re: CODA Modem Performance in Bridge Mode


Hello @saviobhong,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! 😃


I always run my modem in bridge mode as I tend to get a lot better performance via Wi-Fi from my Router so I can understand wanting to ensure you don't run into issues with the new modem.


I personally have not used the CODA modem but many of our Community members are using it and in bridge mode as well. Some of our Resident Experts who are currently using the CODA in bridge mode should have some good insight for you. I will be sure to tag them in this post: @Datalink@Gdkitty@gp-se.


Anyone else in the Community who are using the CODA in bridge mode feel free to chime in as well!



Re: CODA Modem Performance in Bridge Mode

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

I usually run my modems in Bridge mode, including the currently installed CODA-4582 and I've never had any issues in that configuration, either with that modem or any of the CGN3xxxx or CGNM-3552 modems.  I'll run the modem in Gateway mode for short test periods and return to Bridge mode when the testing is done.   Even with the modem in Gateway mode, I'll leave the router in full router mode as I'm too lazy to kick the router into Access Point mode and make any necessary changes to the network IP configurations.  I've never had any issues with that configuration despite the intentional double NAT situation.  With the modem in Gateway mode, I can connect directly to the modem for test purposes and leave the rest of the network unchanged. 

Re: CODA Modem Performance in Bridge Mode

I Plan to Stick Around

I run my CODA-4582 in Bridged mode and in the sense of networking my routers/switch with no issues.


On the other hand, In the beginning I was achieving 500D/20U but over time that has dropped, and I no longer achieve the DL speed.

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