CGN3ACSMR Lan port

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: CGN3ACSMR Lan port

The PC connects directly to the modem. I plugged it into a different port on Saturday night when I first noticed the issue. 


I'm going to see if I have a spare ethernet cable long enough. I'm also going to try a factory reset and see if that helps. Otherwise like you said, I'll call in for a replacement. It's just a bit of pain when working from home to have your internet randomly disconnect or when online gaming.


For the factory reset: Will it default to a different password, etc..?


Thanks for your help.

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: CGN3ACSMR Lan port

The factory reset will return the modem to its default settings.  You could make a backup config file using the ADMIN .... BACKUP.... Backup function, and then, after the factory reset, load that backup file, and then reboot the modem.  


In your particular case I would run the factory reset and reset everything from scratch to avoid any possible issues from loading a backup that was created when there was some issue with the modem.  You could always try a reset, reload the backup file and reboot first to see what happens.  In the worst case, you could then run a reset and reset all of the parameters from scratch.  One step at a time, trying to avoid resetting everything 🙂


After the factory reset, logging into will require you to create a new password and wifi SSID names before you do anything else.  That single password is both modem password and SSID passphrase.  You can log backinto the modem after that a create a separate modem password and passphrases for the Wifi.  


Edit:  Are you using a power bar or wall plug in with a built in surge arrester to power your computer equipment?  They will last for a long time but when they start to fail they can emit enough RF noise to kill cable or ethernet signal levels.  They don't normally fail, so, not usually thought of as an item to check.  If you do use one, you could unplug that completely and run the equipment off of the wall socket or extension cord if necessary.

I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 10

Re: CGN3ACSMR Lan port

It's actually plugged directly into a wall socket. 


What I'm going to try:

- Use different cat5e cable (which I just did)

- Factory default modem (will do that later today)

- If problems persist, might try moving the modem to a different room. 



If I'm still having issues after all of that, I'll just get the modem replaced.