CGN3ACSMR - Unable to access Router Login/Admin

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I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: CGN3ACSMR - Unable to access Router Login/Admin

Further to my posting of Nov 2015, I am running v4.5.8.27 and I must say the modem has been quite stable and reliable for months now.  The issue of admin access has been resolved (finally).  I consistently get speeds up to and/or better than expected (I have Ignite 60).  I also use VPN on a regular basis to connect to my office.  Works flawlessly for hours at a time.  My cable TV service has also been quite stable as well.  I belive many of the issues can be traced to the cable infrastructure on the street and/or the local drop cable to your location.  When these are working fine, service is generally great.   I have no complaints at this time.