Business Internet Early Cancellation Fee

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Business Internet Early Cancellation Fee

This might be a long one so please bare with me. I will be out of town (Toronto) for a while so I called rogers to cancel my home internet and they told me I have to pay 42/month for the remaining 14 months which is 588. I did not know I had a contract with Rogers when i signed up (Ignite for business 100u) I just have two inquiries. The first one many might say it is my own fault, so I am prepared for any criticism. A good friend recommended me a Rogers sales person called Wilson. He told me he could get me a discounted Rogers business internet service for 69.99 a month. I took it and gave him my visa information along with my name and address etc. He never told me there is a contract. I never signed anything or told to read anything. And the plan is actually 59.99 a month. This is the part where I know people will criticize me for being careless. I know I should have asked him more about the product (is there a contract? is there a cancellation fee? are you human?) to avoid stuff like this. But honestly though, is this how Rogers expect their employees to perform? My next inquiry is more like a complaint. $588 to cancel an internet service. I am not going to elaborate on that since I think it is self explanatory. I am not sure if any Rogers representative would read this or could help me. I just came across this forum while searching on the web for help. Any help or guide will be greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading.




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Re: Business Internet Early Cancellation Fee

Good evening @Peter1124 and welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!



I realize the position you're in, this is a challenging situation for sure. Business cancellation fees parameters are quite different from consumer Internet service. I was wondering if you have any other household individuals who may take over the account from you for the duration of your trip? In addition you can also have the account transferred over to someone else.


I recommend continue working with our Business customer care or you can send us a private message at @CommunityHelps so that we can take a second look and explore the options for you. If you're not familiar with how to PM, please see this post.






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Re: Business Internet Early Cancellation Fee

Internet cancellation fee is 50% of the non discount price, multiplied by the number of months left remaining in the term.


I would suggest you escalate to Office of the President for Small Business since you've been deliberately misled by a sales rep, if that is not successful, it's time to escalate to the CCTS. 

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Re: Business Internet Early Cancellation Fee

I have to thank you because you are the one who inspired me to fight for it. I was going to pay the full amount couple days ago. I made my final attempt in calling Rogers. Asked for a supervisor. Told her my story. My cancellation fee was 712 before tax , reduced to 315 before tax. Yes, they charge tax on cancellation fee. I was still not happy with that, hoping the whole fee would be waived, but I took it eventually to avoid further hassle. I actually declined that offer at first. I called back again to take the offer after consulting with my family. To keep short, what the sup did was reversing my contract. Since I was misled by the sales person, they treat my service as non-contract now to avoid cancellation fee. I still did not like what the sup has done since I would not have been using Rogers if it was not discounted. Nonetheless, I found out the affect already took place without my consent. I know I made that second call to take it but you guys know what I mean.


I am sure there are or will be people in my spot and I hope this could help them. Always fight for it! And there are always rooms to negotiate.

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Re: Business Internet Early Cancellation Fee

Their CEO originally a Telus guy has publically indicated that he wants all staff at all levels to be coming up with creative solutions to perceived poor customer service, that contradicts what he describes as "end to end experience".


I have found that some of the staff are becoming very good at being creative, while others it is a learning experience - when you have been scripted in your responses for so long, being creative is at risk of being chopped out, plus being scripted does not permit for flexibility to see whether what you are offering matches the understanding, and perception of the purchaser, and to "ensure" that the outcome of the transaction is fully clear to the customer.


Congrats at plugging through it.  They are learning, but it is a major cultural change for them.


Thanks for updating us, it provides us guidance on how to proceed if we end up in the same situation.



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