Brutal latency/ping Recently

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Re: Brutal latency/ping Recently

@borisnet wrote:

Thanks @-G- for the theory - it is interesting and while not confirmed it could make sense as it seems difficult to address.


The consistency of the problem I could observe is that:

- it happens everyday although it can be hard to catch if you are doing something else than being online (arguably easier to notice with the pandemic and all the activities online impacted by connectivity outages in a household)

- it clears itself after a few minutes. That is the part that is surprising to me. In your theory, is there anything that could explain the fact that the problem does not last as long as a normal congestion issue

- there will be roughly 4 to 5 short outages (less than 3 min) and then it comes back to normal connectivity

If Rogers is in the process of making DOCSIS-related changes in parts of their network, there are any of a number of things that could be causing the problems that have been reported here.  Something as "simple" as intermittently losing a Primary channel in a Downstream Bonding Group would cause a modem to reboot.  D3.1 Upstream-related changes could also result in interoperability issues and other unforeseen side-effects that might not have been seen during lab testing.  It could be anything, but at least the problem appears to be localized... and I want to stress again that I am in no position to speculate as to what the problem(s) could be because I am not affected and I have no information that I could even use to hazard a guess.  I'm sure that Rogers would have identified the root cause by now and just need some time to get the underlying issues resolved.

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Re: Brutal latency/ping Recently

Happened again today at:

-11:52am - interrupted calls for everybody in the house - same behaviour as before.

- 8:06pm and 8:08pm - same symptom as before


It would be great if @RogersAndy can confirm whether Rogers as an organization is aware of the problem and what else we can do as customers experiencing outages every day. It was not that bad before this thread started and I would have hoped for quicker resolution if not at least transparent communication around the effort associated with the resolution.