Brutal latency/ping Recently

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Re: Brutal latency/ping Recently

@Datalink wrote:

I've never seen any test plots from any company or individual that would finally prove that all the past issues are resolved.  So, despite the updates that have been rolled out, I can't honestly recommend a Puma 6 modem to anyone at this point.  There might not be any thing wrong at this point in time, but, the general public is in the dark, as usual.  As usual, its up to the end users to test the modems themselves to make that determination.  The end users shouldn't have to do that. 

I think that the Puma 6 fixes have reached a point where the "average user" will not notice any issues.  However, if I was a gamer, I would still avoid it and stick with a newer, faster modem/gateway based on a newer, better chipset.

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Re: Brutal latency/ping Recently

Hi, so I reply you a weeks ago but I used the quick reply which didn’t work well as normal reply function i guess.

Do you see it now? It’s 795 of 811 message, around page 80 or 71.

Thanks and wait for reply.