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Re: Bridge Mode Setup Guide


Alright, thank you. I'll be in contact if I have any questions.


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Re: Bridge Mode Setup Guide

I added a couple of comments to my previous post.  Please have a look at the bottom portion of the post.  


This should be pretty straight forward.  Flip the modem into Bridge mode, connect the router and run a Factory Reset on the router.  The Factory Reset can be a pain, but, if you're coming from another ISP, the router will usually have settings for the previous ISP's network.  So, the Factory Reset is usually the easiest way of avoiding problems due to old settings.   

Edit:  From what I remember of the R7000 firmware, from reading the user manual long ago, there is no setting to enable or disable Hardware Acceleration.  That is Broadcom's Cut Through Forwarding (CTF) and Flow Acceleration (FA).  CTF must be enabled to run at rates higher than 100 Mb/s.  Essentially its external port to internal port forwarding with little or no involvement from the routers CPU.  CTF is not compatible with functions such as QOS, Traffic Monitoring and a few other items which cause traffic to route thru the CPU for further processing.  So, you have to be careful if and when you select any functions on the router.  You lose that fast path from external to internal ports and you suffer a hit on the throughput due to the processing that the CPU has to accomplish for the selected function.  Asus Routers have an enable/disable checkbox for CTF, titled Hardware acceleration, and you can check this to ensure that some function selection hasn't kicked CTF off.  You can't do that with the Netgear routers unless there has been a change in the firmware that I'm not aware of.  You simply have to know that CTF is either on of off when it comes to Netgear routers.  Thats a rather interesting approach to say the least.  Here's a link to CTF info:


The other issue with Netgear routers is the filtering of IPV6 ICMP.  Thats problematic as IPV6 uses ICMP.  That has been an ongoing issue for a while now and I don't know if Netgear has finally decided to bite the bullet and join the rest of the world when it comes to IPV6 ICMP.  Rogers uses Native IPV6, so, if you decide to set up the router to use IPV6, keep the ICMP issue in mind.  If IPV6 use is unreliable, I would suspect the filtering issue is the cause. 

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Re: Bridge Mode Setup Guide

How to optimize your 3rd party router with Rogers Hitron CNG3


Hello Everyone,


I have been browsing the forums and have been getting mixed information on how to properly setup a 3rd party router using rogers new modem (white tower/500mb+).


My current situation is that I have properly set up the modem into Bridged mode by disabling the gateway function.

Now before doing so, I went ahead and did a speed test on the wifi and on my current phone I was achieving 50mb download speed, once I set it into bridge currently connected to my router, my wifi speeds seem to of dropped.


The router that was gifted to me was the D-Link Ac3200 Triband

As you can tell, I really want to make sure its optimized fully so it doesn't seem like a waste.


Now at the moment I have the ethernet cord connected to the wan port (the very top one), I read that it shouldn't be in that port but also hear otherwise. From there the other end of the ethernet cord is connected to the routers "internet" slot.


I booted up my computer and logged into , which is no longer rogers and is now the D-link, the only thing I did there was setup the wifi to it, nothing else, no ip changes or anyhting like that.


The wired connection to my computer shows what is advertised in speed, but the wifi isnt. Just would like someone kind enough to guide me in setting it up to optimize the modem to router relationship. I am not very tech savvy and would need as much details as possible.


Thank you in advance for any information on how to get this set up properly.


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Re: Bridge Mode Setup Guide

For IPv6 is it SLAAC/DHCPv6


or is it a static IPV6 with a specific prefix length?

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Re: Bridge Mode Setup Guide

@zenyyo perhaps this post by @RogersDave will help with your IPV6 configuration.  Rogers runs Native IPV6:


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