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Bridge Mode Setup Guide

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Hey fellow forum users.  If anyone is willing to help me with this, it would be appreciated. 

I am wanting to make a 'bridged mode setup guide', pretty much one thread, which goes

"smc - how to"
"Cisco - how to"
"hitron - how to"


And would also put in a 4th section, of the alternative of how to set up your own router as just an access point as well.

As i have general knoledge, i havent done the setup myself on all the models, i am asking for your help/input.  Pretty much just step by step instructions, login, this page, change this, reboot... as detailed as possible.


This way we have an easy spot for reference for users comming in to point to - will be requesting it to be stickied at the top of the forum.



Yes i understand that this shouldnt be necessary, etc.. they should offer d3 modems, etc.  I dont want to get into that in this thread 🙂  Its more to collectively get this together to be able to help other users with setting it up.

Please feel free to reply here, or PM me with the info.

I look forward to your input.



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Re: Bridge Mode Setup Guide - Linksys E4200 and QOS

I've Been Around

CAUTION!   Just wanted to share this with anyone looking to use their Linksys instead of a Rogers modem.


I have a Cisco DPC3825.  I had been experiencing very poor upload speeds for quite some time. Always assumed it was something strange on Rogers' end, so never really wanted to deal with it. 


To make a long story short, through some help of Google and some great community forums, I found that the default QOS setting on the E4200 was my issue.


I went from getting 0.5Mbps upload to 4Mbps, and from 35 down up to 65 down.




Applications & Gaming -> QoS -> Upstream bandwidth manual (i set it to 20 Mbps)

WMM Support = disabled.


Note that the slow speed were incurred whether I had the Cisco in Bridged mode or if I used my E4200 on a different subnet.


Re: Bridge Mode Setup Guide - Linksys E4200 and QOS

It is amazing how the settings... or even the ROUTER can make a difference.


I am only on the 30/5 (previously the 25).. with an e2500.  Not the greatest router, but not bad.  Even on a 5ghz N connection, only ever got about 90% on speedtests on wireless... figured wireless.. expected.  There are no QoS settings, etc configurable on it.

Just switched to an ASUS N66U... no other configuration changes.
I am already getting as fast as a wired speed test now on wireless.



Re: Bridge Mode Setup Guide

I Plan to Stick Around

Hi everyone. Having problems with our connection. Had 35/ 3 but always only got 18/ 1 mbps. A few weeks ago a techie insatlled the SMC and speeds immediately went to 40/ 3 mbps.

Seeind as speeds were so great we decided to upgrade to Fibre 60. As soon as the new speed was activated we were getting 40-60/ 10 mbps.We were then told we had to replace the SMC with the Hitron CGN3. HUGE mistake as speeds went to:

Worst- 7 down and .7 up

Best- 12 down and 8 up

Rogers website this a.m. took:

first attempt= 60+ secs

subsequent attempts= after refreshing many times eventually website loaded- probably took about 3 mins.

Another website I use only took 2 secs to load this a.m.

We are looking to bypass the Hitron router via hardwire cable. We don't need anything fancy and were wondering if this riuter would be up to the task.

Asuus 300 RT-N12/D1 Wireless N Router.

Already confirmed with Asus that it would work with our present Network Card.

Thank you for any ajnd all help.

Re: Bridge Mode Setup Guide

The CGN3 is needed for all 60+ plans now... mostly for the case, as that more and more people get on these higher packages.. will experience more CONGESTION of they kept the old modems.
These new ones, are 20+ channels assigned for downstream.. vs 4 (on the SMC) or 8 (on the others).
think of it like more lanes on a highway... less chance of getting traffic 🙂

Onto the modem itself. 
How long ago did you get it?  less than 72 hours ago? 
Likely is not on the latest firmware..  the latest firmware has fixed ALOT of issues, and might help alot.  That firmware should be pushed within 72 hours.

(now, did the TECH install this modem? or you?  Bad signal to that modem can cause alot of speed issues as well)


As for adding the other router.
MORE than doable.., MANY people bridge mode their gateways, and use their own routers 100%.

As for the one listed there.
GENERALLY should work.  Its only a 10/100 on the wan and lan side... with the 60 package.. you SHOULD be ok..

(some people though, have had issues with SOME 10/100 devices not linking properly with the hitron.  I only have 1 10/100 connected to mine but seems to link ok.   10/100/1000 devices link without issue.)

Re: Bridge Mode Setup Guide

I Plan to Stick Around

Received first Modem on May 24 and new one on May 27. Yes had checked and it had the latest firmware.


Signal is great as per the last techie that came here and the CAT ticket I have opened a few days ago. Had another CAT ticket open for 2? months but nothing really changed.


Just wanting to be proactive as this issue has been with us for the last year. Emailed ASUS and they said the Router should be fine.


Thank you so very much for responding so quickly. The info you provide for us here is very much appreciated.