Best Speed Results Ever

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Best Speed Results Ever

Just got my best speed results ever


I have the 500u Ignite package with the 1 gig router.  Just ran a test that showed almost 600MB download and 22MB upload. 


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Re: Best Speed Results Ever


Hello, @gordandmichele


Thank you for sharing your best ever speed results with the Community. I'm pleased to see those amazing speeds and thank you for your contribution and for your help in keeping the community a pleasant place to be. 




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Re: Best Speed Results Ever

Very nice! I remember my first internet connection - 28.8kbps to ... AOL.  Let's not even mention the BBS days at (*shudder*) 2400bps.

You got to wait for images to load one ... line ... at ... a ... time.

Congrats on cracking the half-gigabit mark! Have you tried downloading a large file (example: Game from Steam or EA Origin app) to really test the speed?

Have fun!