Banner Ads - Go Away or I Will

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Banner Ads - Go Away or I Will

Buried in ads!

Since yesterday morning I have been inundated with ads - they just keep popping up. Even writing this message I've been interrupted four times so far. I'reset Adblock and done whatever else I can think of . . . no luck.

If anyone else is have this problem can you help; if you can get past the ads that is.



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Re: Banner Ads - Go Away or I Will



I've had a similar problem in the past and it was caused by downloading a file which, in addition to the file I wanted, also installed a browser add-on which pushed ads. It drove me crazy for a while until I figured it out. I suggest that you check your browser add-ons to see if there's anything that looks suspicious. The one I got was called deals something or other (don't remember the exact name). I also found it when I looked in Control Panel>Programs and Features and uninstalled it.


A lot of web sites that offer downloads install things without your knowledge or permission. They also often override your browser home page and redirect it to a different site.

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Re: Banner Ads - Go Away or I Will

Can also be malware, etc.

I have seen a number which effected.  A co workers was BADLY infected.. that  going to a page which say is to have NO adds on it (say like the forums here) it would inject like 5-6 different things... and slow the computer to a halt.

I would recomend running a full virus scan.. as well as a GOOD malware scanner like malwarebytes.

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Re: Banner Ads - Go Away or I Will

You make it sound like Rogers is somehow responsible for these ads... Which they are definately not. Who will you go away from? lol


This is a problem on your system like the others have said.