Bad Routing by Rogers to Twitch.TV

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I've Been Here Awhile
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Bad Routing by Rogers to Twitch.TV

Ive been really trying to fix this for days and almost getting fed up and buying internet from tech savvvy.

So here is my problem.

I am a pretty popular broadcaster on --a live streaming website.
Pror to this I was streaming on 12 down 3 upload internet for 7 months and I would get jitters of about 2-3ms to the servers and about 10-20 ping.

I decided to upgrade to the 150/15 package so I could give my viewers higher quality.
Doesnt seem to be the case.

Picture below:


This is my connection to twitch servers on ETHERNET... you get about the same to wifi.
It is a bad routing issue and rogers really sucks at fixing it their technical support has been quite useless.

Semi Solution
When I turn on my VPN this problem MAGICALY goes away. I get about 2-5 jitters to close twitch servers and life is good. But for some odd reason after I encode about 100k frames I start to lose frames.. about 50-100 every few minutes

either bad routing (here is my tracert to twitchtv)
Rogers is being a . and secretly throttling my internet because the first 1-2 days I had this internet service I did not have this problem and suddently.... I do!!!

Any help on this matter would be much appreciated. I am losing revenue every hour I do not stream and I do this for a living.



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Re: Bad Routing by Rogers to Twitch.TV

Not that its necessarily the cause.. but how/what is your setup there? (just to make sure)

You say ethernet connected... but are you straight into the gateway, with it in gateway mode?
Are you in bridged mode, right into the PC?
Are you in bridged mode, into a 3rd party router?

Looking at your tracert.. seems like the issue is starting at hop 6, when its going through the node at Level3 in the US.


Now, this could be like you said, an overall routing issue.. that because its routing through there, thats causing the problem.. a DIFFERENT route.. might not have the issue.

That being said though.. i just tested from work here.. Bell Fibre direct into the building (there is a fiber optic cable through the building, into our server room, into the media converter box).
The traceroute from here.. goes through the same general hops at Level3.

To get to Twitch from this part of canada.. there may not be that many other options.
Switching providers, say to TSI or otherwise.. might not make any difference at all, if their routing is the same 😞

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Bad Routing by Rogers to Twitch.TV

here is the thing. before I upgraded my net I was getting perfect jitter to Rogers from the same building I am living in.

Something is wrong

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Bad Routing by Rogers to Twitch.TV

There seems to be some sort of pathing problem that you, myself, and a bunch of other rogers customers are having.  Trying to get them to look at it - but it's not been an easy task so far.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Bad Routing by Rogers to Twitch.TV

Typically I have twitch going on my 2nd monitor as I game on the other as a viewer. Twitch has been terrible with constant buffering as viewer for the last couple of weeks and I have the 60/10. Prior to that I had the 25/2 extreme package and never had any buffering. I blamed it on twitch being overloaded but can't provided data either way.. My speed test including ping have been pretty stable lately.

OP tech savy piggy backs off the Rogers network so I'm not sure if that would fix your issues.
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Re: Bad Routing by Rogers to Twitch.TV

i have this issue with Youtube streaming as well, basically, once in a while rogers will start dropping my packets and my upload has to die because the twitch/youtube server has no clue what's happening


out of the 10 Mbps upload that i have i can't really use more than 2 without this problem occuring all the time.


im fairly sure it's some leftover of the throttling rogers did to torrents back in the day, it's the same type of behavior, once u reach a certain upload speed, the connection gets packetloss.


CRTC has no control over rogers and its fraudful services.


worst broadband in the world,  but costs $100 a month. quite amazing service there rogers.

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Re: Bad Routing by Rogers to Twitch.TV



Hello, @delos


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! Thank you for your post.Smiley Happy

I would like to help; do you experience the packet loss only when you are streaming the videos? The packet loss happens when you are uploading videos?

Just to rule out it’s not the signal issue, would you please post the Downstream and Upstream tables from the Status/Docsis WAN page of the modem, this data will help in analysing the signal reaching your modem.

Thank you for understanding,

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Resident Expert
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Re: Bad Routing by Rogers to Twitch.TV

I can run a torrent, say using about 40mbps down, and i specifically have my torrent software to MAX at 5mbps (as to not completely choke it).. and i am still able to do stuff.

SOME gaming is a little iffy.. but general streaming (netflix, youtube, etc) sont seem to have any issues.


I wonder if its  like @RogersMoin said, and is signal related.. and not properly getting the right upstream signals, or not enough upstream channels bonded.

I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Bad Routing by Rogers to Twitch.TV

Downstream Overview
Port IDFrequency (MHz)ModulationSignal strength (dBmV)Channel IDSignal noise ratio (dB)
Upstream Overview
Port IDFrequency (MHz)ModulationSignal strength (dBmV)Channel IDBandWidth
130596000ATDMA - 16QAM46.75066400000
223700000ATDMA - 16QAM46.75076400000
338596000ATDMA - 16QAM45.25053200000
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Resident Expert
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Re: Bad Routing by Rogers to Twitch.TV

While not completly 'out of spec'..  they are pretty low.

Is that durring one of the GOOD times? or worse times?

Just wonder if its droping LOWER during some circumstances.