Arris XB6 Connection Issue

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Arris XB6 Connection Issue

Hello All,

I have Rogers Ignite and an Arris XB6 modem.  I am having some connection issues.  First of all the internet works for my 3 TVs and my Wife's, daughters and my phones.  My son returned home and his phone shows it connects but it won't actually download anything and nothing works.  Also we tried my PS4 and it wouldn't connect.  Also tried a LAN cable and it shows it was connected to ignite but wouldn't actually connect.  I have called Rogers tech support with no resolve.  I also called Playstation and they advised it is a modem/ISP issue.  I took the PS4 to by brother-in-laws house and it connected to his ignite without issue.  Also my sons phone worked fine there as well.  I can't find any other ideas to fix this other than to get a new modem.  Any ideas?



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Re: Arris XB6 Connection Issue

Hey @foxdog!


Lack of connectivity can certainly put a damper on the whole Ignite experience to say the least! It's interesting though that it's only occurring on those two devices. I'd be happy to help. Can you confirm the following for me?


  • Have you tried forgetting the WiFi network on each device and reconnecting? Does the issue persist?
  • Are you using your own router or switch within the home? Or just the XB6 modem.
  • Do you have our whole home WiFi Pods?
  • Is there an error message such as "Connected - No Internet Access"?
  • I assume you've already tried rebooting the modem and devices but have you attempted a factory reset of the XB6?




I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Arris XB6 Connection Issue


I have resolved the issue.  I required a new modem.  Apparently most of these modems are refurbished from the US and something to do with Xfinity and blocking the devices.  My father also had the same issue in London.  Looks like my issue happened after the last firmware updates to the modem.


Anyways, thanks for the help.

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Re: Arris XB6 Connection Issue

How did you get a new modem?


 My situation is similar. It works ok on the cell phones and TV mostly but both my wired PC and my girlfriend's WiFi Mac experience frequent disconnects.


 I'd like to try replacing the modem but asking Rogers for one does not do the trick.