Anti Spyware and Virus will not turn on

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I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Anti Spyware and Virus will not turn on

Thank you --Peter


I guess I shall renew with Norton again in the next 2 weeks --unless something comes up that is better .


Open to suggestions


I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Anti Spyware and Virus will not turn on



Few days before, my antivirus program is not working as some fake programs get entered into my system without my permission. I have tried a lot for removing these harmful threats from my system. But unfortunately, without the use of my antivirus program, I can't carry elimination process of these fake programs. Hence, I take help of my friend, who stated me some simple techniques of avoiding harmful threats from your PC.


Simple Techniques To Avoid Fake Security Programs Into Your System


Every Day we come across a stubborn malware that often get share by our technical analysis in various forms to help in avoiding and reducing computer malware infections. One common type of threat is Fake Program, that is implant by cyber criminals in order to attack on user PC using money extortion method. Among its sneaky actions, these fake programs also possess some weakness.


These fake programs claim themselves as mots genuine programs that will help its user in eradicating their PC problems. In this case, you will receive a fake program that claims that your system have some issue, or get infected by some potential threats. These pop-ups will usually count on you when you click on OK or Remove button, that prevent most common used and legitimate antivirus programs from detecting and removing this threat.


Here mentioning some tips that will help you in combating these fake programs-


Just Move your pop-up Window to side, instead of clicking on its “Ok” or other sponsored buttons:-


Whenever you come across a pop-up from fake programs, you will have limited choice to go ahead before clicking its OK button. You should click its button to confirm its notification. But the best method is to ignore these messages and continue you to your work. By ignoring these messages, you will be able to navigate your anti-virus programs and run it, so that it can accurately catch the threat timely. Hence, by simply avoiding this lockup, you can get rid of fake programs from your system.


Boost your system from repair disk to bypass a threat that preventing your system from start up:-


In some situations, user face dangerous fake programs that prevent their system from starting up properly. Sometimes the boot process get corrupted by this malware and in order to start up system recovery, a secondary operating system is required. Simple solution of this situation is to utilize a boot disk from antivirus program. Using such a disk to boot, your PC will allow the antivirus to get this malware and remove completely from your system.


Unblock your antivirus program by remaining it to Explorer.exe:-


As we know that Fake programs, basically block legitimate security programs. The best way of allowing use of your antivirus program is renaming your application's main executable file to “Explorer.exe”. By doing so, you will trick these fake programs into thinking that your security program is Windows Explorer, that ever hardly blocked by this malware. You can find your antivirus program's executable files within Program Files folder under Folder names as same of your security programs.


By simply following this techniques, you can remove all other Fake security Programs as System Healer, PUP Optimizer, MPC Cleaner and related programs from your system

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Re: Anti Spyware and Virus will not turn on

These fake programs and ransomware in particular are activated by a simple mouse-click and/or a keyboard stroke.   That is all the permission they need.

The best weapon against those is at the first sign of trouble, power off completely.  So you'll lose whatever you were doing, big deal, better than having a useless machine or locked files.

Reboot into Safe Mode with Networking and locate System Restore.  Use that to go back to a time before this happened.  If successful, temporarily disable System Restore to erase the infected restore point.

A/V's are not guaranteed 100% so simply be careful what you download, click on etc.

Malwarebytes  is great tool to have around as a backup to any A/V programme.