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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: 75% usage notification

rogers are the worst internet and cell phone service provider. period. overpriced and difficult to communicate with. i received a 75 percent usage notice for my home internet today and my service runs from the first to the 31st. so glad i switched all three of my cell phones over to another company that i can reach if i have a question. i'm not sure why i'm still with them for home service actually.

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Re: 75% usage notification


Hello, @fourus


Thank you for posting your concern in the Community. The usage notifications can be delayed by up to 48 hours. I too don't have unlimited Internet package so if I'm planning to download a large file I check the usage through MyRogers before proceeding. It's a good practice to be on top of the usage, I recommend to check it either through the MyRogers app on your phone or on the web at rogers.com/myrogers.




I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: 75% usage notification

So when 75% is reached, they will not notify you for 48 hours, giving you an opportunity to exceed 100%, is that correct (and then they need not bother even sending the 75% warning at all)?

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Re: 75% usage notification

Hi @Saskey,


Customers with residential Rogers Internet service receive usage notification through Internet Subscriber Notification System (ISNS) within 48 hours after their account has reached 75% and 100% of their monthly usage allowance. These usage notification messages are sent directly to the web browser, and any user in the household surfing the web can view these messages. Users receiving the ISNS messages can choose to acknowledge or opt-out of future notifications. 


Notifications may be delayed for a variety of reasons.You can monitor your usage by logging in to your account on rogers.com. All internet use is applicable towards your monthly usage allowance. If usage is accumulated with a non-web browser application (e.g. peer to peer, VOIP, or online gaming console), message will not be sent immediately. We will attempt to send you the notification whenever you next open your web browser, until the end of your bill cycle.



Hope this helps Robot Happy!