$45 Extreme internet with 300gb cap

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Re: $45 Extreme internet with 300gb cap

TeDD13 - Rogers screwed up big, as this thread can attest to.  Your earliest post on this thread shows even your coworker believed they were getting this plan rate guaranteed for 8 years, so if this was a mistake, Rogers has gone about this entirely the wrong way if they wanted to make it right.  I have seen on other forums that they attempted to buy off a few with credits and offers, but that has stopped and they seem more then willing to do nothing going forward.  It seems now the only alternative for people who were given these guarantees is to file complaints with bodies like the CCTS.  


My guess is their reps found out about the 35/3/200Gb offer which terms of the mail out DID have a 8 year rate guarantee.  It almost seems this 30/5/300Gb plan was specifically designed to confuse people to get them away from the 8 year rate guarantee, but they neglectied to tell even their own reps that it didn't have that guarantee.  In my opionion, Rogers has been acting in bad faith throughout this period.  

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Re: $45 Extreme internet with 300gb cap

Definitely something is wrong with Rogers internet plans and customer service. I was offered this with fixed price (I have noted down date and time of the call, name of the employee reference number etc. when this offer was made to retain me as a customer when I was leaving rogers). I triple confirmed becaue the offer sounded too good to be true. 

In order to deflect the issue I was offered something else and even that was removed from my plan without even speaking with me and now I have a very expensive plan "imposed" on me! There is a note on the account saying that I called when I haven't called. Not sure if someone or some group inside rogers is messing up or covering up because I can't believe Rogers will allow this to happen as a corporation.

I am thinking of leaving Rogers but not sure what else I should do as a consumer.

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Re: $45 Extreme internet with 300gb cap

there is nothing said that can be trusted from any rep or anyone else within rogers for that matter in my opinion


i have experienced all kinds of situations from cable to wireless to internet... just one example was an episode i went through in an attempt to add a motorola surfboard to the account so that i could use it on my high speed ultimate... i called in, asked both tech support and customer service, was told i could, went out and bought it and found out customer service couldn't add it... they kept trying... after about 20 phone calls it was escalated to management and the president's office and the official answer finally was 'NO YOU CAN'T'... i had spent about 20 hours searching for and purchasing the right modem, about 50 hours of my time with rogers and another 10 hours selling it


i would file a complaint with the CCTS... that's your best option at this point




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Re: $45 Extreme internet with 300gb cap

if your plan went up from $45 to $50 this year

call rogers and explain them it is not to go up for 8yrs

they have a note and need to call a separate department


first they may try to just credit you  $5 for 1 yr but if you accept this you'll have to call back again next year

get the credit refunded for the months you were over charged and allow them to fix it on the back end so it stays @45$ for few more years Smiley Happy