100% Rogers throttle speeds

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Re: 100% Rogers throttle speeds

Well you are plain wrong per observations in my neighborhood. So please dont generalize to encourage monopolistic practices of Rogers
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Re: 100% Rogers throttle speeds

Just complaining in this way wont help anyone nor fix anyone's issues.
My wife was watching prime just fine yesterday for like 3 hours non stop..  so is rogers throttling connections to prime specifically?? Not likely.

IF they were to be doing some form of that.  (which they DID do in the past against torrents, and they DID get heavily fined by the CRTC at the time and had to stop it), it would likely be localized.  They would be doing it to everyone.

Like you said, your neighborhood might be different.  But more than likely something else, and not specifically throttling, etc.  Could be something as simple as the local nodes, or the whole area, is OVERSOLD, and cant technically manage the load especially with extra people at home right now.   That could effect overall speeds, amongst other things.. overall choking peoples connection to any number of things.   outside of any sort of other issues where that specific node is having other issues.

All that in the end really doesnt have anything to do with monopolistic practices.  
Except for a few rare cases where its say a new subdivision where its a contract for JUST rogers or bell lines to start..  You generally have the choice of either of those.  And if you have the choice of those, you do have the choice of choosing any 3rd party ones which run on the rogers/bell lines as well.  So there is a lot of choices.
Each person need to research and choose which ones service is best for them