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Download and Install Rogers Online Protection   The following steps explain how to download and install Rogers Online Protection (ROP) 1. Go to the   Online Protection page on the website 2. Scroll to the   Package/Price   section and click   Select   on the type of protection you wish to download     •  Rogers Online Protection Basic (Free)     •  Rogers Online Protection Premium ($4.99/month)   3. Click   Download 4. If you wish to download the Basic Version, click “Click here to download again”     •  If you wish to download the Premium Version click “Sign Up Now”     •  Agree to the Terms of Service     •  Fill out your personal information     •  Confirm purchase 5. When prompted select   Open File 6. When the file is finished downloading click   Run 7. When the install wizard opens do the following:       •   Click Next     •  Agree to the Terms of Service     •  Click   Next     •  Click   Install     •  When the install in complete click   Finish
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