Xi6 menu’s improper scaling?

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Xi6 menu’s improper scaling?


I have a Rogers ignite box that is acting very strange. Video on all the channels looks great, however when entering any of the menus, including the guides most of the menu is completely off the screen and we can’t navigate the menus.

I have tried doing a refresh, restart, trying different displays, and the issue always follows the ignite box.

Anybody know how to fix this?
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Re: Xi6 menu’s improper scaling?

Hey @Dkoz87!


Welcome to the Community!


That's definitely a peculiar issue! Sounds like a potential zoom or ooverscan issue, but it's odd that it's only impacting the menu. It's possible that there may be an issue from a firmware update that's only impacting that box. You may need to have the set top box exchanged to resolve it. I would recommend reaching out to support at your convenience to have a technician visit. 


Definitely let us know how it all works out!