XB6 - Hidden Networks

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XB6 - Hidden Networks

8 hidden networks are broadcasted from WiFi off, bridged XB6.  No way to turn them off.  Guessing they are for IoT network and we have no choice but to have them on.


I only connect to my XB6 modem via ethernet cable and always have WiFi off.  My router was emitting HUGE amounts of wireless radiation so I called customer support numerous times to ask why this must be as radiation levels that high could only be coming from wireless broadcasting.  I have spent more than 8 hours talking to customer support and their installer about this matter.  I asked them if my router was being used as a hotspot for Freedom customers.  I know that they have hotspot for Freedom customers default on for Hitron modems. 


The installer came over and bridged my modem then ran a wifi analyzer.  It showed 8 hidden networks broadcasting from my modem.  We knew they were coming from my modem because the signals were very strong and because they would disappear when we unplugged the modem. 


WiFi is a carcinogenic and is banned in many places for use in school.  I find it outrageous that  emits hidden wireless networks (which WHO classifies non-ionizing radiation from wireless devices as a possible carcinogenic and many scientist believe it should be reclassified as 'known carcinogenic') from our modems without our knowledge or our consent as it compromises our health.  Not only that, Children are even more vulnerable as they absorb much more radiation.


Thousands of peer-reviewed scientific studies show that our exposure to non-ionizing radiation for Wifi causes serious biological effects. Check EHTrust.org to verify what I am saying.


Some symptoms include:



Brain fog

Eye problems


Heart palpitations


Memory problems






Joint pain



Wireless radiation causes oxidative stress to our cells that can lead to cancer, alzheimers, diabetes, infertility, heart problems.


Please turn off your WiFi, hardwire your connections , unplug your modem at night and find a modem that will not broadcast any hidden wireless networks.


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Re: XB6 - Hidden Networks

Hmmm.  Freedom wifi hotspots, which are used by Freedom customers where Freedom is owned by Shaw.  Perhaps you're posting this in the wrong forum.  Rogers XB6 modems do transmit extraneous wifi channels, but, certainly not the extent of Shaw and Freedom modems.

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Re: XB6 - Hidden Networks

@FrustratedEMF  I may have misunderstood but did you say that you have Bridge Mode enabled on the XB6 and that you have all of your devices connected to the XB6 via wired Ethernet??


Regarding the main point of your post, it is true that you cannot disable Wi-Fi completely on the XB6; it will always have hidden SSID's active on the 2.4 and 5GHz bands.   One of these is used to facilitate the connection of Ignite TV set-top boxes.  I think another is used for connecting wireless home security devices.  Rogers Product Managers have insisted that the hidden Wi-Fi networks on the XB6 cannot be disabled because they are required for current and future services.


I agree wholeheartedly that we should be able to disable the Wi-Fi (and any other active) radios on the Ignite gateways.  We only have so many Wi-Fi channels available to us; we don't need any more devices tying up valuable spectrum and polluting the airwaves unnecessarily.  If you are concerned about the health aspects of RF signals and other types of EMF radiation, you will need to move to an isolated corner of the world to be free of it.  FYI, the Xi6 set-top boxes also have their Wi-Fi radios active, even when connected via wired Ethernet.



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Re: XB6 - Hidden Networks

These computers networks are created for particular situations, as these can be very special or have critical information such as, factory control system, highly-secured environments for processing of certain data, or networks complying with a safety standard.