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XB6 Battery Backup

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Hey guys, I know the XB6 supports battery backup, is Rogers planning on giving us a backup battery? I ask because my house alarm still uses the phone line and if there is a power disruption the phone line will go down with the XB6. With my previous Digital TV package I had the stand alone Rogers phone modem and it had battery backup which was great. 



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Re: XB6 Battery Backup

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Here are a few comments.


1. If the power goes down in your area, it's likely that the phone, internet and cable will be down too because Rogers hasn't been replacing the backup batteries in the nodes because they're too costly and many people have cell phones for emergencies.


2. If you want complete security, even in a power failure, you'll need to subscribe to a cell phone based alarm system, which is usually about $10/month more, if not more.


3. If you want backup for your devices, get a UPS, however, as stated above, although phone, internet and cable used to often work in a power failure, they rarely do these days.

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