Wrong schedule information for TravelXP

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Wrong schedule information for TravelXP

The Ignite TV guide have the wrong schedule data for TravelXP,  this is not new, but it's seen to gotten worst in the last few weeks, even Zap2It is messed up.


At the time of posting this message, the Live feed is airing City Break, but the Ignite guide says Food Highway and Zap2It says Backpack (I know Rogers have no control over Zap2it, I would have to contact them separately).


This cause issue with recording, like recording the wrong show.




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Re: Wrong schedule information for TravelXP

Thanks for bring this to our attention @ReneHache. We've had a few instances where a modem reset and a set top box reset has fixed the scheduling issue with the guide.


If the issue persists please reach out to us via PM so we can escalate a ticket for you.