What router should I get for my Ignite modem?

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Re: What router should I get for my Ignite modem?

@georgeous wrote:

the only down side of those guys is the lack of wifi 6 support. 


If you are about to spend that much on a hardware, it would be nice if those were more up to date with the new standards. 🙂

There is one advantage to renting the Hub and Beacons from Rogers: you do not own it and can upgrade when newer and better tech becomes available.


Besides, the main advantage that Wi-Fi 6 (might) offer in the real world (outside of controlled laboratory conditions) is better security, although you won't get the full benefits until you get to the point where you have an all-WPA3 network.  The latest security "improvements" were also developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance in a vacuum, without rigorous vetting from security experts, and a number of vulnerabilities in WPA3 have already been discovered with more likely to follow.  Tech sites have also published articles about this back in April and August , 2019.


Meanwhile... Wi-Fi 6e is already in the works.  (more info here)


At this time, I don't see any reason to rush to upgrade to Wi-Fi 6 or purchase any bleeding-edge Wi-Fi 6-capable network gear or devices.

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Re: What router should I get for my Ignite modem?

Just to add to the discussion, Wifi 6 is not certified and won't be certified until Nov 2020, if the IEEE holds to its current schedule.  Any slippage in that schedule would probably result in delaying the certification until spring or summer 2021. 

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Re: What router should I get for my Ignite modem?

Get a wifi 6 router. I have the AX11000 but not all homes need that. TP-AX 1800 is the perfect one to get. Good midrange router this is 5-8x faster then Rogers stock modem. You will see a huge difference. My speed is 8-10x faster with my new Modem. I turned off the wifi router on the Rogers stock modem and only use the ax11000.