What do I have to do to get Rogers Ignite TV to work???

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What do I have to do to get Rogers Ignite TV to work???

We made the switch over to an Ignite Bundle earlier this week, and let me start by just saying this has been the most frustrating experience that I can remember.


I have spent over three hours on hold, speaking with "agents" trying to resolve this and I am at my wits end. We have had Rogers cells, TV and Internet for years, loyal customers spending hundred per month. No resolution has been offered other than to say "we will have this looked at, and get back to you in 24-48hrs." Of course, that time passed, no resolution. So here we are...


Whoever upgraded our services was either about as informed at the maple tree in the front yard, or she was lying, either way, I don't care. We chose an Ignite bundle with a Self Service install due to COVID, no issues installing the hardware at all, and the internet is working just fine. The cable TV however, not so much. When I login to my account in MyRogers, it still shows that we have an old NextBox for the cable, and I have no options for changing Flex Channels or my package, obviously because the system thinks we are under the old style box.

I have called "Technical Support" which has been about as useful as a rock tied to my leg while swimming. "Let me just reset your box here and that should do it!" Are you serious? What do I need to do to speak to someone that knows what the . is going on?


I am borderline going to cancel everything and just go to Bell after 8 years or Rogers. This is insanity.



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Re: What do I have to do to get Rogers Ignite TV to work???

100% agree!  After being a customer for over 42 years, Rogers won't even send me a box to return their equipment, lol   This Covid has turned these providers more useless and greedy than ever before!

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Re: What do I have to do to get Rogers Ignite TV to work???

You have not actually specified what your problem is. If you want help, people need to know what is working and not working. There are many here that can help.
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Re: What do I have to do to get Rogers Ignite TV to work???

Hello, @Dodgers @Square


Thanks for your posts!


@Square Thank you for being a tenured customer with us! For any hardware returns, you will be able to use any old box that you may have in the house. If there is something we can do to help account wise, please do send us a pm.


@Dodgers It can be very frustrating to not be able to view your tv package after your transition to Ignite tv. This may be a profile issue which we can assist with.
We'd like to take a closer look at this for you. Please send a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can locate your information on our file and get started.
If you aren't familiar with our private messaging system please click here