Wemo and Ignite

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Wemo and Ignite

Having problems with Wemo working on Ignite TV. Please don't tell me they aren't compatible. I honestly regret getting Ignite. 

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Re: Wemo and Ignite

Hey @Honkman!


Welcome to the community!


Smart plugs like Belkin's Wemo line can definitely make your home feel a whole lot smarter! That said perhaps less so though if it isn't working Smiley Sad


Can you walk us through what it is you're experiencing and what steps you've taken? I don't have any experience working with Wemo products myself but perhaps some of our Resident Experts might be able to assist! @Gdkitty@Datalink.



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Resident Expert
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Re: Wemo and Ignite

While i only have one Wemo device, I have not had any issues with it.

When I had ignite installed, even though my SSID was the same as prior, I did have to re-connect the wemo device to my Wi-Fi. Going though the full connection steps.
(Get in setup mode, connect to the device, set up the Wi-Fi there, etc)