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WATCHED show not displaying as watched

I've been around

Recent change to Ignite. We have 2 tvs and like to watch some of same shows but separately. Some shows will display the blue WATCHED banner after one of has watched the show and sometimes it doesn't. It appears to be random. Seems like something small but a little annoying. By the way have also tried selecting the option under the show Show Watched/ Show Unwatched. That doesn't work either. Thank you


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Re: WATCHED show not displaying as watched

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

The "Watched" status of a program is stored in the back-end systems as part of your account history, not locally, and there are times when the cached status on the set-top box is out of sync, even if it was that device that changed the status from Watched to Unwatched.


There are also cases where the Watched status does not get updated immediately.  If you recorded a program twice and watch either instance of that episode to the end, both will (or should) get changed to Watched.  If you then mark that program as Unwatched, the status of only one program will appear to be changed.  If you exit back to live TV and then go back into recorded programs, both should now appear as Unwatched.


There are also times when the Watched status of a program does not get updated.  This can happen when watching an episode On-Demand.  Sometimes the Watched status of a program also does not get updated if you fast forward to the end.

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