Voice Control not functioning

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Voice Control not functioning

voice stopped working tonight.  Is a server down?  Will try our other TV




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Re: Voice Control not functioning

Hi @Grwebster,


Voice remote is definitely my favourite feature of the remote! I wasn't able to replicate the issue on my end. Did you try the feature on the second TV? Did it work for you?


Any one else in the Community experiencing this issue?





I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Voice Control not functioning

Voice recognition not working. When I press the microphone button on remote, it says not working now try later. Then it goes into teaching mode and says "press and hold" say CNN or record" etc etc.  Its been two days now and still the same. I have rebooted and changed the  batteries, but still wont work.  It is working on my other tv. I have only had ignite for 2 weeks so remote is new. Can anyone help. Thanks

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Re: Voice Control not functioning

Hi @banksant!


Thanks for sharing your concern with the rest of the Rogers Community! 


I also have Ignite TV at home and the voice remote is my absolute favourite feature!! I would be pretty frustrated if it conked out on me. 😒


It sounds like you've taken all of the right steps to troubleshoot the problem, to no avail. I ran some tests on my 3 TV's and am not personally noticing anything wrong, plus you mentioned that your other Ignite remote seems to be working fine. I also checked for any reported issues and could not find anything specific to your concern.


In this case, the issue may be with your remote control being faulty. A quick swap at your nearest Rogers branded location will probably do the trick! Can you please give this a try and provide us with an update once done?


Kind regards!






I've Been Around
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Re: Voice Control not functioning

Hi To All:


I just replaced the batteries in the remote. All functions that we use on a regular basis seem to be working except for the "voice remote" function. We're getting 5 green lights so there is a full battery charge. Any thoughts?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Voice Control not functioning

@CJS1  If you just press the Microphone button briefly (without saying anything) does the set-top box respond with "Sorry, I didn't get that." or ask you to "Press and hold to try again.", or do you get a different error?


From time to time, when using voice commands, I get an error that the service is unavailable... but works when I try again a few seconds later.


On one other occasion, voice commands would not work on one set-top box but worked fine on others.  I Restarted the stb and all was well again.

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